Is being tricky ruining your network marketing business?

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Do you like being tricked?

Most people don’t like it, but unfortunately that’s how many Network Marketers are promoting their business. Especially with their invitations.

My Friend Tricked Me
A friend of mine contacted me and he wanted to get together for a cup of coffee. He said that he wanted “to catch up”. When I got to the coffee shop, he was there with his upline (someone that I have never met) and instead of catching up, they wanted to give me a presentation.

Is that how you invite people?
Would you want that to happen to you?

Be Straight with People.
The situation where I was tricked already put me into a defensive situation. I felt tricked and it didn’t start out on the right foot.

If he had just approached me and been straight up with me, I would have looked at it with a more open mind. I pride myself on being opened minded and I also recognize that not everyone is a good fit for my opportunity or product so I like to know what others are offering so if a prospect isn’t a good for me, I still have a place where I can refer them that might be better for them.

Home Party Invitations
One of my downline tricked all of his guests at his home party. He told everyone that he’s getting some people together for some food and fun.
*This is not what I told him to say*
Everyone that came was not expecting to see a product or a business presentation. It started off on the wrong foot and it felt weird. He introduced me as his upline and announced that I was going to give a presentation. It was awkward.

If we want to be recognized as professionals, this sort of “tricking” has to stop.

Why do people “Trick” others?
Amateur network marketers are just thinking, get eye balls on the presentation. They’ll say or do anything just to get people to come to a home party or see a presentation.

The are thinking:
“My product/service/business is so amazing that if they just see it they’ll love it!”
It’s a nice thought but it doesn’t work that way.

“It’s not about getting as many eyeballs on the presentation as you can, it’s about getting as many open-minded eyeballs on the presentation as you can. If you trick people into seeing a presentation, even if they like it, they are so jaded about being tricked that they are less likely to join or buy.  Tricking people adds fuel to fire and adds to the stigma that Network Marketing is a scam”

They are afraid that if they tell the truth, that no one will want to see the business/product/service.

How to build curiosity without tricking someone
If we want to become professional at network marketing, then we have to start off with integrity. That means no tricking people into seeing a presentation, coming to a home party or ambushing people with their upline on a 3 way call or at a coffee shop.

How do you do that?
There are many ways but here are 3 for now:

“Can you meet up for coffee? There’s something that I need to run by you.”

“I just started a (skin care, coffee, essential oils, weight loss etc) business. I’m having some people over to sample it and I’m giving away some prizes. Do you want to be included?”

“Are you free on Saturday? I’m having my closest friends and family over because I have a big announcement. Can you make it?”

Do you see how they are both up front? You aren’t tricking anyone and you are asking in a way that they want to say yes, and they want to come.

How cool is that?

Stop the nonsense. Stop tricking people and be upfront. You’ll get better results and be recognized as a professional.

Create a great day!

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