Quitting Your Job: 2 Essential Factors You Need To Consider Before Going Full Time In MLM

quitting your jobQuitting Your Job
Hanging around with entrepreneurs is one of the only times that you feel “ashamed” for having a job.

In any other forum, if you say that you don’t have a job, you look like a loser. However, when you hang out with entrepreneurs, especially in the network marketing profession, one of your goals is to actually build your business so that you can quit your job if you like.

How do you know if you are ready to quit your job and go full time in this profession?

If you quit too early you risk going bankrupt and losing everything you own. In the process, you could lose your marriage and your family.

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Here is the first factor to consider when going full time in MLM.

Are you making money?
This seems obvious but are you making money in your business?
Many network marketers think that if they had more time to work their business then they would be more money.
That’s true, however there’s a catch to it.

You only make more money by going full time in MLM if you are already some making money part time.

If you aren’t making money on a part time basis, then you won’t start to suddenly make any money full time.

Here’s why.

The reason why you aren’t making money part time is because you think you are working the business but you aren’t spending enough time doing income producing activities. Instead of prospecting, you are studying your compensation plan or you are researching your company or your product. If you go full time, instead of using that extra time to actually prospect, you will spend the extra time studying and researching.

It doesn’t matter if you spend 2 hours a day studying and researching or 8 hours a day studying and researching, neither will make you any money. You must do the income producing activities to make money.

If you are creating income in your business, ask yourself this question:

Is my job actually costing me money in the form of lost profits?

If you can honestly answer this question with a yes, then consider going full time in the MLM profession. Base your decision on your consistent income in the business over a period of several months. Don’t base your you decision right after having one really good month. If you have a good month after a period of struggling, you feel really good. Your emotions are high and you feel indestructible. It’s great to use that emotion to keep the momentum going and build even more success but don’t make the mistake of quitting your job until you can prove that the income is consistent and steady.

I made a video that shares a second factor to consider when deciding to go full time here:

So now you know 2 factors to consider when deciding to go full time in MLM.

Don’t make the fatal mistake of quitting your job to early. I’ve seen many network marketers lose their home and their marriage for going full time in MLM too early.
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