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David Ramsey and MLM

If you don’t know who David Ramsey is, he is a very popular financial expert on the radio. He has lots of listeners and many people look to him for financial advice.

Earlier this month a woman named Sarah called in to the David Ramsey show and asked about MLM. If you want to hear the call, you can see it here:

David Ramsey

Mr. Ramsey had some very opinionated statements about the network marketing profession. It’s clear that he isn’t a fan of MLM and has these statements to ask Sarah:

You know, these network marketers, they make it sound so easy, but it’s hard. It’s hard work…
And do you realize that for the rest of your life you’re just going to be recruiting? And is that really what you want to do?
Do you want your friends looking at you funny because these network marketers drive everybody crazy?
What about getting stuck with product?

Eric Worre is an ambassador for our profession heard the call and had his own statements to make on Network Marketing Pro. He argues against may of David Ramsey’s statements and says that “David Ramsey is Wrong”. You can see Eric Worre’s response in his August 16th edition of Network Marketing Pro. 

David Ramsey Maybe Wrong But…
David Ramsey might be wrong but his statements are eye opening.
The network marketing profession carries a big stigma behind it and David Ramsey is merely pointing them out.
The biggest reason that the profession of network marketing has such a stigma behind it isn’t because everyone else is ignorant.
The biggest reason that the our profession has such a stigma behind it is the network marketers.
How many times have you heard a fellow network marketer try to convince their propsect that “it’s easy”?
How many times have you heard a fellow network marketer say that they don’t want to bug their friends and family?

Our profession needs to act professional. If we did that, then there wouldn’t be any false hype saying that “its easy”.
If we really acted professional then we would feel like we were bugging our friends and family.

I talk about this debate in more detail in the video.

The conversation shouldn’t only be about whether or not network marketing is valid profession or not.
The conversation should also be about how we as network marketers can move forward in a professional way so that we can get recognized as a profession.

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