Real Estate Investing: Bird Dogging

For those who are interested in making money in the real estate investment business only sky is the limit. Does not matter if you do not have money to invest in the business or rent a space to begin the operations. There are business solutions that allow you to spin money without any establishment cost. If you are wondering how ? read this article about Bird-Dogging.

What Is Bird-Dogging; ?Bird-Dogging? refers to a business, which involves identification of a real estate property by the businessman. Upon identification, the businessman hands over such a property to a person under a contract to repair and resell in exchange of certain fees. The fees can vary depending on how experienced is the person in the business and what is the condition of the property

Understand Bird-Dogging; In other words, bird-dogging gets you income with no risks involved. It is an easy way of making money in the real estate market, of course for those with strong conviction. People who bird-dog are in constant search for abandoned properties or those lying unused over a period. After identifying such properties, bird-dogs locate their owners and find out if they are willing to sell their properties. In which case, the owners are willing to sell such properties. The bird dog shows them to the potential investors. If the investor likes the real estate property, he will pay certain fees to the finder of the property or the bird dog.

Become a Bird-Dog; The first step towards becoming a bird dog is to find a company that is engaged in the business of buying houses. You can find plenty of such companies in the yellow pages or in the newspaper advertisements. It is however advisable to approach an investor who enjoys a reputation in the market.

After locating such companies, you can ask them to assign you a specific area, so that you can concentrate properties only in that particular area. Then you need to visit the assigned area regularly to look out for ?For Sale? signs. Check for both rental and ownership accommodations.

Patience will fetch you Money; Do not be disappointed if your first few findings are turned down. The skill of bird-dogging is acquired gradually. Hence, remain motivated and with time, you will get a feel of what the investors look out for in a property. Once you master the skill, your success will know no boundaries.

After gaining grounds in the business, as a bird dog, you can earn from $500 to $5000. Your earning potential will depend on how established the investor is and what is the cost of the deal. You can also look at doing business with new investors in exchange for a standard fee. Such a business initiative will diversify your revenue profile.

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