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You Only Need One Great Idea to Get Rich — And This Is It!

In case you missed this last time I wrote …

How’d you like to “dabble” in real estate with me? No kidding! I recently came across a brand-new opportunity that made me so excited, I broke out into a sweat.

The program is called “How To Beat The System in Real Estate” and it is absolutely amazing. A real estate guru by the name of Thomas Kish created a complete business system based upon his own experiences as a successful investor.

Basically what he’s done is taken his expertise and packaged it into a mini “franchise.” So now anyone can duplicate his system – yes, even you – even without experience. And here’s the best part:

You don’t even use your own cash to get started!

Among the many things you learn right away is how to set up a new business (it’s really simple) and then get a new business line of credit. (You use the bank’s money to invest.) This business credit line has nothing to do with your personal assets or personal credit score.

Look – I am sure that all this sounds to good to be true. But it’s not. You’ve got to check it out for yourself. I’ve pasted in a copy of a letter that I received from Thomas Kish. He tells about his program in detail, and more clearly than I ever could.

Note that the system is a proven, money-maker and backed by a rock-solid guarantee. The only way you can lose is by not giving it a shot. C’mon – read this now …

From the desk of Thomas Kish at

Here is the lesson that will put you ahead of 99% of all real estate investors …

USE AS LITTLE CASH AS POSSIBLE! Yes, you read that right! The days of mortgage burning parties are long over. But you will still meet people who believe that it is a good idea to pay off the mortgage on a property so that they can have big cash flow. Why do people want to own real estate free and clear? Because they believe it’s the way to make more money. But let’s do a little number crunching: THE OLD WAY Use $40,000 of your personal savings to buy a house with 20% down and get a loan for the rest. You may cash flow $400 per month. And on this one house you will also be getting … A. Equity build up like a personal saving account. B. Good appreciation as the house goes up in value. C. Great tax deductions that will lower your tax bill. THE NEW, SMARTER WAY Use an $80,000 new business line of credit instead of your own CASH and buy 2 houses. You may cash flow $200 per house per month for a total cash flow of $400 a month. And you are making money on TWO pieces of investment real estate instead of one. You’re also getting … A. DOUBLE the equity build up. B. DOUBLE the appreciation. C. DOUBLE the tax deductions. AND YOU NEVER USED A DOLLAR OF YOUR OWN CASH. The entire down payment came from a new business line of credit! ———————————————— Do you want to see the step by step system on how to do this? GO THERE NOW! Pssssssst … Want to hear a bit more? Looks like I’m giving away the farm today! But, it’s worth it if it helps you understand the incredible power of the system you’ll be getting. Okay, here goes … There are other simple ways to do this no money down stuff and get FOUR houses instead of just two. For example, the simplest way to do no money down real estate deals is by getting your credit score to stay above 680. Then you find a good mortgage broker that offers 100% LTV* real estate financing to the clients that they work with. *LTV = loan-to-value; the percentage relationship between the amount of the loan and the appraised value or sales price (whichever is lower). IMPORTANT: Make sure that your mortgage broker has closed this kind of loan recently with a REAL client. You want to know that they have experience closing these kinds of loans. Forget about your bank. Find a mortgage broker that has already done 100% LTV loans. Don’t let them tell you that they can do it. Make sure you verify that they have already done it many times. Next, write your purchase agreements with wording on the addendum that states the deal is … SUBJECT TO SELLER PAYING $4000 OF BUYER’S CLOSING COSTS. Now you have reduced your cash needed to close by $4000, if the seller accepts. And if the seller says “No” … Just tell them you will raise your offer by $4000 so they can pay your closing costs. NOTE: If you are making offers on real estate that has rent paying tenants, the seller will be giving you the rents and damage deposits when you close the deal. When they turn this CASH over, you can use it to pay for the property in most cases. —————————————————- Is there a better way? Of course! The best way to buy real estate is with a system that gets you cash advances from new business lines of credit. So check out the ULTIMATE NO MONEY DOWN real estate system and learn how to … 1. Get a new business line of credit. 2. Find foreclosure deals. 3. Set up partnerships. 4. Calculate the profit in a deal. 5. Improve your credit score. Go see what my clients have to say about this system at, Remember that the only things that can stop your financial success is: Lack of knowledge. Lack of capital. Lack of a mentor. And Lack of action! YOU ONLY NEED ONE GOOD IDEA TO GET RICH. And you just found it. All you have to do now is act on it! You know that real estate has proven to be the safest investment in any market. That’s why you make money in real estate no matter where you live, and no matter what kind of interest rates prevail. As the saying goes in the real estate business: Good times are good for investors. Bad times are good for investors. Go see how easy it is to get started at:

DO IT NOW! Sincerely, Thomas Kish. President of CashFlowExperts.Biz GO FOR IT:

About Tom Kish … Now a full time real estate investor, Tom has bought and sold over 5 Million Dollars worth of real estate in less than 2 years. Tom is a bona fide expert in using new business lines of credit instead of cash to buy real estate. There is no one else teaching anything like this SYSTEM! Note: For general CashFlowExperts questions, please call David Hult, Operations Manager at 612-702-2747

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