Real Estate Investing – How to Coach Yourself

Real Estate Investing – How to Coach Yourself Author: D. S. Peter

Some people are not in a position to work with a coach right now. Some are stretched financially, while some are still using the “lone ranger” method. Other people might be uncertain about trying something new. So here is a brief, simple process you can apply to your own situation i.e. “coach” yourself!

1. Clarify your goal Some of us are not moving forward simply because we have not set a goal that inspires us! Make it specific e.g. I will by one property by December 10. And you can stretch yourself, but keep it realistic. If you’re blocked, schedule creative time to play with ideas. Ask someone who is where you want to be for advice.

2. Plan What overall strategy(s) will you use? For example, to buy residential properties will your strategy be area specific, fixer uppers, foreclosures, price range, or a combination? To increase profit will you increase your knowledge (to learn more on real estate investing and ), switch your real estate investing area or even state, network, or improve performance. For this stage you will also set your milestones to achieve along the way, with deadlines attached (say every 2-4 months). Also list the tasks to achieve along the way in between milestones.

3. Action Once you have the overall plan in place, it’s time to get down to specific action. You might like to list the action steps you will take in the next week, or the next 30 days. When you have completed these actions, it’s time to evaluate, and write the next list of action steps.

4. Self check Having an idea, or desire is one thing. But many of these do not get achieved. This is probably one reason you are reading this article – because there is something in your life you would like to achieve or change, but it hasn’t happened yet. Change rarely occurs without “action”. If you want to be a real estate investor, surround yourself with real estate investors. Talk a friend into doing your goal with you. Set constant diary reminders for the next month, and/or encouraging visual displays on the wall. Announcing your commitment to the world (all your friends) is also a great method to achieve your goal. And if you’re really serious about your goal, it’s hard to find anything more motivating than doing one successful deal. Learning is a lifetime journey.

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