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I bet your wasting a lot of time and money on your real estate advertising that could be better utilized. What if I told you of a way to know exactly how to spy to see what you’re competitors are doing so you can outshine them every day of the week? What if I told you there was a way that you could position yourself totally different from all the other ‘We Buy Houses’ crap that you see out there?

See, here’s the deal: when I think of these guys, the first thing that pops in my mind is the investor handyman with a beat up crappy truck with all types of garbage in the back. No offense if this is you, it just happens to not be what I want for my life or my business.

These guys are in love with their work and most don’t have the slightest clue how to work a deal creatively. So what makes you different from all the other goons out there? I’ll tell you in just a moment, but first I have an exercise for you.

If you already have a property that you have control of or that you’re trying to sell, then call up every “We Buy Houses” ad that you see. Now, I want you to play dumb (I know that’s not to hard for some but amuse yourself- OK?) when you talk to the “We Buy Houses” guys. Act like a homeowner would that is trying to sell their house. Don’t let them in on your little experiment, just do it and play the role of the motivated seller- OK?

Also, call any of the people that are offering a Free Report on “How to sell your house”.

Now, I want you to document everything they did during the appointment. Document if they were late, if they didn’t show up, or if they didn’t even call. For those that are offering a Free Report, document everything they send you, the time period it takes for them to send you and any follow up they have with you. Keep up with all this in a binder, under each company’s information that you called.

I can here you screaming through the internet right now – “Wow, Derek, that sure sounds like a lot of busy work. Why in the heck do you want me to do all that nonsense?”

You’ll thank me when you’ve completed this little task because it’s one of the most down and dirty tricks that I’ll ever teach you. As a matter of fact, I don’t know anyone that has this clear type instruction for you to attack and spy on your market’s competitors.

So, what’s the freakin use?

Ok, Sherlock. First you’ve got to realize that many of the “real deal” investors in this business are not going to share with you openly what they know. They want to protect their market and many will flat out lie to you or will fabricate the truth just to keep you out of their market. Well, this little technique will show you exactly what their marketing approach is and how they conduct business with their entire marketing campaign at your fingertips.

Imagine knowing how to tap into their mindset knowing exactly what approach they take to real estate deal making.

What would you give to know exactly what your soon to be competition is doing?

Well, now you can because I’ve given you the exact steps to go about spying on other real estate investors. That’s powerful to be able to know exactly what your competitors are doing in terms of their marketing approach. As a matter of fact, you can sit back and watch what they do for several months to see who remains in business and who doesn’t.

Now, I’ve done this little task and the results are simply amazing.

Here’s what you’ll find: That most investors that are pouring in their hard earned money for advertising do one thing: Nothing.

They’ll fail to call you back, they’ll fail to keep the appointment, or they’ll be late.

Here’s what else you’ll notice:

They always take phone calls during meeting with the sellers; they fail to build any type of rapport, simply going in for the kill by immediately talking about the numbers. They appear more desperate than a high school boy on prom night.

As you sit back watching this dog and pony show, ask yourself if you’d be willing to sell your home to this idiot or would you be skeptical. You will quickly realize there is not as much competition as you initially thought. The only competition you have is yourself.

Let me ask you this, if your competition was doing this, then how hard do you believe it would be to smoke them, leaving them eating your dust?

The fact is that it’s the same way in all businesses. You only have a handful that seems to use their brain. You’ve probably been to numerous businesses or restaurants in the past few months or even weeks where you noticed the service wasn’t up to par. The same is true with investors as most piddle, waste time, and appear to be un-caring about the seller’s situation. Therefore, they don’t do deals, which in turn makes it easy for you to outshine the others.

Take time out to spy on your competitors and you’ll see exactly how you can bring more to the market than any one else.

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