Real Estate Investing: They Have to Know You to Trust You

They say that if you want to market yourself properly, you need to be in the consumer’s face ALL THE TIME. For people to choose you and your product, they need to know that you are a legitimate presence, and not a fly by night scheme. If they see your or something that reminds them of you all the time, you will be the natural choice to turn to when they need what you are selling. This applies to all aspects of business and it is the same applies for homes. When you want to be known, make sure your are known.

Put your face or your business name on every conceivable surface that your potential customer will see. In real estate investing that may be the local store, the advertisements at the high school football game, or local radio station ads they can listen to as they commute. And do not just get caught up in the standard ad campaigns like TV or radio, use your imagination and try different things all the time. Hand out pens, memo pads, refrigerator magnets. The idea is that whenever they go to use something that they use every day, they will see you or your name.

In the field of real estate investing, image is important. No one want to entrust their precious home to someone they do not know and feel they cannot trust. Once they see a person’s picture and name in the community that they live in, a trust is built and they will feel confident in doing business with you. They will not expect bounced checks or bad credit from someone who is so prominent in the community, and they feel that you are the kind of businessperson who will always do the right thing. This is achieved by getting your name and face out there in front of the consumer as much as you can.

Whatever it takes: magnets, logos on pens, papers and shopping bags, wear your name and logo on your shirt, let everyone know who you are. In this highly competitive field of real estate investing, getting your name out there is one of the most important steps you can take. Once you get this “good” notoriety, you will be surprised at how much money you can make.

Michael Benifez writes for, covering world of finance, mortgage loans, refiancing and insurance in Palm Coast, Florida and Flagler county. His latest article on real estate investing in Palm Coast florida covers refinance options.

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