Real Estate Investing with RRSP’s

Don’t you just love finding money where you didn’t expect it? Real estate investing with RRSP’s is a whole lot better than finding a twenty dollar bill in your old jacket, and much more profitable!

We have to start thinking like the bank and realize that profit is not a dirty word. We put our funds into a safe savings account at the bank and they go about making money by investing it while giving us a ridiculously low return on those funds. Why not skip the middleman and do the investing yourself? Your first thought will be “I don’t have that kind of money!” That is where your found money comes in. If you have Registered Retirement Savings Plan money you can use it, to fund a mortgage or investing loans with a far better return than the bank will give you. If your RRSP money is not in a Self Directed form you will have to make that your first step in this investing journey. Your agent will help you make this transition (although he probably won’t like it very much!).

There are a few options in the way you want to go about using this investment vehicle and what you choose will determine who can help you on the road to profitable investing. Most financial institutions will have a mortgage pool that you can opt into. It is kind of a slush fund where everyone who is interested puts their money into the same pot and then the bank takes money out of that pot and invests it in various real estate properties. Those investors share in the profits or losses accordingly. Most RRSP funds are based in the mutual funds market but historically you will get a much better return on your money in this mortgage pool fund. However, there is still a more profitable option if you look a little further.

You can put up a second mortgage loan on a property and realize profit in the form of up to 15% return on the use of your money. When was the last time your bank offered you a deal like that? You can invest in properties that you yourself buy or you don’t have to buy the property yourself but rather use the mortgage loan as your form of investing and let a sophisticated investor do the rest. The Alberta Real Estate Investment Network is a good place to find a reputable investor so that you can start seeing a healthy return on your funds.

Real estate investment in Alberta is a goldmine right now as the market is red-hot and provides a fantastic vehicle to help build your future. There are many options available to you as an investor and it is important to do your due diligence in investigating each one. Look at what is being offered and then spend some time finding out about it and seeing if it is right for you. It takes a shift in your investing mindset to step out of the norm and what we have come to expect as acceptable returns on our money and venture into a new and profitable way of thinking. We haven’t been taught about our options but have mostly followed the banks with the rest of the sheep who took a meager return on the chin thinking we had no other choices. Your savings account at the bank is safe but a poor vehicle to realize financial freedom or the dreams that freedom can bring. You can make money like the banks do. Property investment in the form of purchasing property or a mortgage loan is a good way to make a profit far better than your savings account will give you. You owe it to yourself to look into it.

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