Real Estate INVESTOR FORUM with special guest Zeke and Megan Zucaro!!

November11, 2009 7:00 PM         

SLCC’s Miller Campus
9750 S 300 W
Sandy, UT 84070

Right now is the time capitalize on the foreclosure boom, and this Wednesday night we have 2 guest presenters.

Megan Zucaro- As a wife and mother with strong beliefs in the importance of family, throughout her career, Megan Zucaro has demonstrated what extreme vision, determination and belief in yourself can help you achieve – the American Dream! Alongside her husband, Zeke, she has managed to crack the code on blending successful entrepreneurship and family life.

Zeke Zucaro-Zeke Zucaro, Founder and CEO of MegaZee, Inc., is a remarkable individual. A family man first and always, he and his wife Megan have managed to crack the code on blending successful entrepreneurship and family life. From his humble beginnings in a shanty house, to Air Cavalry Officer Pilot in the highly-praised 101St Airborne, to Entrepreneur, Author, and Speaker, he has carved out a piece of the American Dream with sheer will, determination and vision. His life and success is a true testament to the fact that anyone can change their stars…if they just believe. Zeke earned his B.A. degree in Journalism and News/Editorial from the University of Central Florida. He also holds a Commercial Rotary Wing, instrument ticket, and Pilot’s License (Helicopters).
Foreclosures are booming, interest rates are at all time lows, housing is extremely affordable, population is growing, and real estate can be purchased for pennies on the dollar! Join me this Wednesday night for FREE and learn how to capitalize in these market trends using the following 4 strategies:

1) Subject-To Purchases (No Money, No Credit)

2) Short Sales (Saving People from Foreclosure)

3) Auctions (Learn How to Buy for Pennies on the Dollar)

4) REO’s (Get bulk Discounts by Purchasing Directly from the Bank)


Simply RSVP ‘YES’ on this event page and I will add you to the guest list for this Wednesday night’s event. You do not want to miss this amazing opportunity!
Come see for yourself why everyone is so excited to create wealth capitalizing on the “Perfect Storm”…

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