Realtors Can Help You With Your Real Estate Investing

You can’t build a successful, long term real estate investing business without the help of realtors (real estate agents).

The challenge is that many realtors have little real estate investing knowledge. What’s worse, even though every real estate agent will work for your money, few are willing go that extra mile to really help you grow your real estate investing business. But there are three simple secrets to getting a great real estate agent really working for you:

1) Use a top ?Sales? agent with a proven track record to sell your investment property. Don’t take on a “listing” agent.
A real estate agent can help you with real estate investing by advertising, marketing, finding buyers for your real estate, and doing virtually all of the paperwork. To make this process work for you, be upfront with your realtor about your real estate investing goals. And only use a proven realtor with real estate investing experience.

2) Position a Realtor as a Buyer?s Representative
Have another real estate agent act as your ?Buyer’s Agent? to find property on your behalf. Be sure you outline the sorts of properties you are looking for, then your real estate agent will contact you when they find this type of property. This saves you time and allows you to focus on the business of real estate investing rather than on property-hunting.

3) ?Pocket? Listings.
A real estate agent can explode your real estate investing business profits by turning you onto investment opportunities before they go public. Before properties are listed on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), your realtor can alert you a juicy real estate deal from a motivated seller when it becomes available! This is perhaps the most profitable reason why you should build great relationship with real estate agents. All the best!

Yours for Massive Profits & a Rewarding Life!

Mary Wozny
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