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There are several factors to consider when thinking about investing in Arizona Real Estate. Is this a short term or a long term investment? Is this going to be a rental property or a personal residence? Is this going to be a vacation home? Before jumping into an investment property, it may be a good idea to ask your self what type of investment is going to fit your needs.

The days of flipping houses have seem to come to a screeching halt in Arizona. A little over a year ago this was extremely common because there were too many buyers, and not enough sellers. The inventory was very slim. Now, the inventory has seemed to increase, not enough buyers and too many sellers. Obviously, when this happens prices drop.

There is no way to predict future market conditions, but now may be a good time to start purchasing property in Arizona. The sellers are giving extraordinary incentives and the interest rates are relatively low. To make an informed decision, some might think to take a look at what is happening around them.

The price of homes have been dropping, that is not a secret. When the prices of homes start dropping, this may be an indication of a market fluctuation. When the market fluctuates it is a good time to be in the right place at the right time. Many lenders have gone out of business because there is such a high foreclosure rate. It is becoming harder and harder for people with marginal credit ratings to obtain a loan. This may be an indication that the rental market is about to get stronger.

When lenders start going out of business, and the remaining lenders tighten up their criteria, not as many people can qualify to purchase a home. People have to live somewhere, so their only other option is to rent.

When investing in Arizona Real Estate, it is important to analyze the rental market of the area you may be thinking about purchasing. It is also very important to know what your payments are going to be and how much you need to put down in order to have even or positive cash flow. If you are going to purchase a home to rent out, make sure that your payments are close to what the rental rates are in the area. To find out what the rental rates are you can ask a qualified Realtor to tell you what is currently on the market for rent in the area, and what has recently rented out. Basically, you are doing a comparative market analysis on the rental market in the area you are thinking about buying. Most qualified Real Estate professionals can help you with this.

It is extremely important to find a Realtor to represent your best interests when investing in Arizona. The difference between a good Realtor and a bad Realtor could cost you thousands of dollars. Make sure your Real Estate professional is experienced, educated, and knowledgeable of the area you are thinking about buying in. Above all, make sure your agent is aggressive.

In order to get the best price possible with the current market conditions, it is imperative to start extremely low regarding an offer to purchase. Rarely is the sticker price the purchase price. A good Realtor that is representing an investor may see a home for three hundred thousand dollars, offer two hundred and fifty thousand, and have the seller pay for all of the investors closing costs. Will the seller except this contract? There is no way to know for sure. All the seller wants to know is how much money they are walking away with in most cases. If the seller will have to pay to close escrow the contract will probably not fly. It is always a great idea to find out how much the seller owes before writing an offer on any home by having your Realtor look at the tax records. This way, you know how much flexibility you have. A desperate seller with an enormous amount of equity may have some opportunity.

Make sure when you are investing in Real Estate in Arizona, you have proper representation, you do your homework with your agent, and know that there is risk involved. Like any investment, there is risk involved. There is no way to determine future market conditions. Real Estate markets are cyclical. What goes up may very well come down. It is better to have an honest Realtor that tells you the truth versus a Realtor fluffing the truth that may cost you a lot of money. If you need a good, honest, hard working aggressive Realtor to help you with any and all of your Arizona Real Estate needs, please click on the link below to visit an extremely helpful website to get you in contact with a professional Realtor in Arizona.

Nick McConnell

Executive Sales Associate for Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage in Scottsdale, Arizona. Lived in Arizona all his life, Graduated from Northern Arizona State University and has been a Realtor ever since.

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