Shockingly Simple Advice I Would Give To My 18 Year Old Self To Lead An Extraordinary Life

learning-from-your-pastLearning From Your Past
Vernon George reached out to me through you tube:

“Binge Watching your videos haha, I have one question, if you could go back and give your 18 year old self one advice what would it be?”

I thought about this and if I could give my 18 year old self just one piece of advice, it would be this:

“Tell yourself that you love yourself all day long and to prove it.”

I heard that loving your self is necessary to become successful and you’ve probably heard the same thing but for me it took a long time to really sink in.

It wasn’t until this year that I heard about a book called “Love Yourself like your life depends on it” (a book that I’ve done videos and blog posts about before) did I realize how important it is to love yourself.
You can get the book here for less than $3 on amazon:

I used to equate my worth as human with my net worth and my accomplishments. I used to think, “Once I become successful, then I’ll feel worthy. Once I become rich, then I’ll love myself.”

But I had it backwards. I had to feel worthy first so I could become successful. I had to love myself first so that I could make more money.

You can work your tail off but if you don’t feel worthy or feel like you love yourself, you’ll get frustrated with all of your efforts and you’ll feel like you are spinning your wheels.

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The Most Powerful Affirmation

“I Love Myself” is the most powerful affirmation you can say.

Say it to yourself when you wake up, while you are eating breakfast, while you are brushing your teeth, while you are taking a walk, working out, driving your car. Tell yourself that you love yourself as often as you can and as much as you can. You don’t have to say it at the top of your lungs and yell it to the world. You can say it under your breath or simply in your thoughts. Just do it all the time.

When You Love Yourself
When you love yourself, you’ll notice your behaviors changing. It might not happen the very first day or even the very first week but it will happen. You’ll start to procrastinate less, you’ll start taking more actions towards your goals.

Imagine that you have a goal of losing weight and all week, you’ve been looking forward to having a big dinner with your friends. As you look through the menu, the habit of saying “I love myself” may start to appear and even though you usually order the double slab of ribs. You just may hear yourself saying, “If I love myself, I’m better off having the chicken breast” and you’ll order that instead.

Imagine that you are supposed to be building your business. Maybe you need to make prospecting calls but you feel like you just aren’t ready yet. You want to watch a couple of videos on youtube first. Your habit of saying “I love myself” will once a gain appear and it will say, “If I really love myself, I won’t procrastinate the prospecting and I’ll get started right away.”

Saying, “I love myself” all day long has really impacted my life. I wake up earlier and push the snooze button less. I procrastinate much less. I get more done. I eat healthier. I don’t skip work outs. And it’s all because of a silly little habit that I learned for less than $3. Again the link is right here:

Links About Loving Yourself

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Learning From Your Past
There is one great way that you can learn and that is from mistakes.  You can learn from your own mistakes but you can also learn from other peoples mistakes if they are open to passing that knowledge on to you and if you are open to receiving that knowledge.  This is one piece of advice that I wish I knew earlier in life but I`m glad that I can pass it on.  Some people never learn this lesson and I`m so happy and grateful that I did.

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Get this free audio mp3 and learn 6 Law of Attraction Life Hacks that will allow you to implement the Law of Attraction everyday in an effortless way.

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