Single Moms & Home Business Ownership: A Reality Or A Fantasy?

Can a single mother start a home-based business?

Can she make enough money to support her herself and her children?

How difficult is running a home-based business when no spouse is available to help with the childcare or contribute financially?

Women-Owned Home-Based Businesses

After researching and writing about home-based business issues for a while, it seemed that most women-owned home-based businesses involved a husband or significant other in the home. The significant other may help take care of the children after work so that the woman can have a chunk of uninterrupted time to work at her business. In addition, the family is not solely dependent on her business for its survival, since someone in the household has a steady income.

Of course, these women still face—and struggle with—issues facing all home-based business owners, such as financing, marketing, growing their business, customer service problems, as well as personal issues such as isolation and fear. On top of these issues, stay-at-home women with home-based businesses usually must also deal with their “mom” responsibilities, such as laundry, meals, housecleaning, transporting school-age children, baby care, grocery shopping, etc., AND still find time to bathe, sleep, eat, and take care of her business. The amazing fact is that most women home-business owners do all of these things on a daily basis.

The Single Mother

But what about the single mother? Whether divorced, widowed, or never married, she has no one to relieve her of child care for a period of time her so she can sit down and take care of her business. She is the sole source of support for her family. That fact puts her in a “Catch-22” situation: If she works at her home-based business full-time, it must quickly bring in enough money for food, clothing, and shelter. If she works outside the home to ensure a steady income and runs her business part-time, that leaves little time for her children and for her “mom” responsibilities and an ever-increasing amount of guilt feelings.

I began searching for information about single mother home-based business ownership. My goals were to determine whether or not single mothers could and did own and operate successful home-based businesses. If they did, I wanted information about how they managed to balance children, business, and personal issues by themselves. Furthermore, I wanted to know the WHY—why they took the risk and made the leap to home business ownership.

All Around, But Never There

I expected to readily find information on the Internet about single mothers who own home-based businesses; the particular issues facing them; as well as demographics and other statistics. To my surprise, such information was not readily available.

I found much information and many Websites about work-at-home

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