Some Important Points To Know About Real Estate Investing: Contract Clauses

Real estate investing: contract clauses’ is an important topic to learn for real estate investors, because if you do not know the essentials of the clauses then your contract will not produce desirable results when presented before a listed broker. This is why what you learn from home study course is not very useful because it teaches you seminar type of drafting. Instead, real estate brokers like use of standard agreement because it is more in the favor of brokers rather than you. However, here you need to use your skills to change the standard format of agreement so that you are not at the disadvantage.

For the property buyers, here is some important real estate investing: contract clauses.

?And/or Nominees? or ?And/or Assigns?:

If you put the word “And/or assigns” with your name, you will get the right of assigning your contract, which as a buyer you would always wish to have. However, the word “And/or nominees” is not as wide, yet it allows you to assign the title to any trust. One important point to remember here is that the real estate investing: contract clauses must not have any anti assignment provision. If there is any such clause, then you must cross it out.

Inspection Clause:

You must make it sure that you can perform a thorough inspection before a stipulated date and no professional inspector is needed for the purpose. If after inspection you find that the things are not in shape and the seller is neither interested in fixing problems nor he is ready for price reduction, then you should have the liberty of canceling the contract.

Right to Extend:

Most of the real estate investing: contract clauses have a definite date for closing. Any delay can make you defaulter. To avoid this kind of situation add clauses like “on or about June 1st”. Nobody is sure about its meaning. However, one thing is sure that it gives you a little extra time. Alternatively, you can include an extension clause for 30 days by paying mortgage amount of one month to the seller.

Qualification of Buyer:

If you do not want to waste your time, then never believe in the claims made by the buyer regarding loan qualifications. It will be your biggest mistake in real estate investing: contract clauses, if you tie up the property with any unqualified buyer. Instead, you yourself must possess all relevant information regarding loans so that you infer whether the buyer will qualify or not. Mention specifically in the contract clauses that the seller can terminate the contract if buyer is unable to produce the required documents within 48 or 72 hours.

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