Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action

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Every company knows what they do. But most companies don’t know why they do it. It’s not about making money. Making money is a side effect of the what.

Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action  by Simon Sinek teaches us a simple but powerful idea about business.

People don’t buy what you, they buy why you do it.

Back when the apple iPod became popular, several other companies decided to come out with their own version of an mp3 player as well.

These companies were perfectly capable at making an mp3 player but they were all vastly out sold by the iPod.

Why is that?

How did the public know that that iPod was better.
Did it have a better battery life, sound quality or memory?
The consumers didn’t know. The other mp3 players could have been better but that didn’t matter. They didn’t care which one is better.

It all had to do with Apple’s why and how they were able to present it.

If people simply bought what you did then they would pick their mp3 players based on things like memory and battery life. But Apple didn’t talk about those things in their marketing.

They simply had a tag line that said:

1000 songs in your pocket.

Their marketing didn’t talk about what their product was. The what is a 5G mp3 player. Their marketing talked about why you needed it.

If have a business and you have defined why you do what you do. Or if you are thinking of starting a business, then grab a copy of this book and jump start your road to long term profits and satisfaction in your business.

A simple exercise of defining why you do what you do vs what you will have a huge impact on your satisfaction in life and business. You’ll make a ton more money too.

Create A Great Day!

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