Stay Hungry: The Trick To Staying Disciplined in Network Marketing

stay hungryStay Hungry

We all have our reasons why we want to be successful in network marketing. Unless we are really hungry, we won’t get far.

I got an email from “Bob”
He works abroad in Germany away from his family for 2 reasons
1. To pay bills
2. It’s a dream job.

Bob has invested a lot of money and time into different mentors.
Currently he prospects maybe 2 people a week. Sometimes.

In his own words Bob says his challenge is

“Knowing what to do is not the same as doing what I know”

Bob knows what to do. He just isn’t doing it. There are a lot of network marketers that are like that. They know they have to take action but they don’t. Instead of taking action many network marketers will buy a course and study it. They think they need to learn more before they take action. But really deep down, they know they don’t need to know more.

I heard one of my favorite authors Andy Andrews say,

“To know something and not do it, is to not know it.”

The Problem
Bob isn’t taking enough action.
He only propsects (maybe) 2 people a week!
That’s 100 people a year or less.

Part of that could be because he found his dream job.
Working a job that you love can make you lose your hunger.

Are you hungry enough?

Jelena Ostrovska a fellow network marketing blogger says the most powerful motivation question you should ask yourself is:

What is the alternative?

If you don’t change your behaviour, then what is the alternative?

If Bob was my coaching client and I was speaking to him on the phone or face to face, I would ask him in a different way.

“If you keep doing the same thing that you are doing for the next 5 years and you keep getting the same results that you are getting. Will you be where you want to be?”

The answer may be yes. If it is then fantastic! You can keep doing what you are doing in network marketing or you may even consider quitting the profession. There is nothing wrong with that. Especially if you are happy.

If the answer is no then you must step up your efforts, you have to find your why, Eric Worre from calls it your desperate why, and Ray Higdon from would argue that you need to find Your vision.

Bob might be working his dream job but he might miss his family. He may want to live near them once again. Who knows? Everyone has a path that fits them. Don’t let someone else tell you what your path should be. If you are happy working your dream job then that’s cool! Stay where you are. If you aren’t, then find the motivation.

I don’t know your situation or Bob’s situation but there are other factors than just being hungry.

I’ve always been big on having Faith. Even if Bob wants it bad enough he might not believe that he is capable of building a business. There are 2 main ways of building Faith.

The first one is take some action. Once you see the results of the action, you’ll realize that it can be done and you’ll take more.

Another way to build Faith is watch success stories. Not the stories of people who made 5 figures in their first couple months of starting because those types of stories may actually discourage you. Instead study stories of “underdogs”. There are plenty of those types of stories in the network marketing profession. You’ll realize that there are people that have started with less and that have more odds stacked against them than you that have made it happen and are still making it happen.

Do you feel worthy?
Another factor that Bob might want to visit is feeling worthy.
If you don’t feel worthy of the success, then you won’t have the discipline to do what you know you should be doing.
Without even knowing it, you’ll self sabotage yourself.
You’ll procrastinate the income producing activities in favor of doing something like play video games or watch a movie.

There are a lot of factors that can contribute for Bob’s reason of not taking action and I tackled the big ones in the blog post.

Are there some factors that I missed? I would love to hear your opinions in the comments below.

Create a great day!

Kenny Santos

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If after reading this post, you still feel like you need help and you know that “knowing what to do is not the same as doing what I know,” then I suggest getting The Vibrational Money Immersion Home Study Course by Ray Higdon .  The biggest reason people don’t become super wealthy is they Are NOT ready mentally. It’s Think and Grow Rich For Network Marketers.

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