Staying Focused: Avoiding Shiny Object Syndrome

ShinyObjectStaying Focused
Have you ever seen someone that has joined the new latest and greatest new opportunity, only to get bored of it and join the next big thing? This cycle goes round and round. You know people that do that. Maybe it’s even you. These people are suffering to what’s known in the profession as shiny object syndrome.

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Shiny Object Syndrome
People don’t realize that they need to stay focused. They think that it’s the opportunity that makes them money. Whether it’s network marketing, internet marketing or some other business opportunity, it’s not the opportunity that makes money it’s the action your bring toward the opportunity and the value that you are able to provide for others that makes the money.

Being excited for the right reasons
If you are excited because of the product or service that your company is offering, then you are in it for the right reason. You should be so passionate about the product/service that you would be using it even if you didn’t get paid. You would be also be telling others even if you didn’t get paid for it.

Ex. Apple has loads of it’s consumers telling everyone that the iphone is better and that Macbook computers are better and they are not getting compensated for it. The same goes for Harley Davidson. There are countless others that have passionate consumers.

You’ll be more passionate about it so you’ll be excited to share the product/service and even if you get a slow start to the business (as more than 90% do) you are less likely to quit.

If you are excited because the opportunity is “ground floor” or because the comp plan is better. Let me suggest that you are getting excited for the wrong reasons as whether you make money or not, there will always be another company that comes along that is newer and has an even better compensation plan.

You’ll be excited but you’ll be selling the opportunity more than selling the product (which isn’t necessarily bad). Just keep in mind that most people don’t want to start a business. If you do get a slow start to the business (again as more than 90% do) then you are more likely to quit and chase the next shiny object when it comes along. Btw… The if you aren’t excited about the product/service, then most new objects will look shiny if you aren’t making any money.

Grass is Greener
Find a company that you are passionate about and stay focused.

The grass is only greener on the other side of the fence because it’s getting watered. Stay where you are and water your grass and you’ll see results.

Create a great day!

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