Stop saying These 2 Words And You’ll Recruit More Superstars

EasyRecruiting for MLM
When I first got started in the profession, I wanted to become a recruiting machine.
I wanted to learn how to recruit as many people as I could.
I wanted to become a recruiting superstar.

I studied, I worked, I took action and I practiced and I became very good at recruiting.


I had so many people quitting.
I was recruiting a lot of people but most of them were the “wrong” type of people. I didn’t realize that becoming a recruiting superstar also meant that I wasn’t supposed to recruit EVERYBODY. I was only supposed to recruit “quality” people. However the way I was recruiting for MLM really attracted lower quality people. People who were most likely to quit.

I’ve since changed my approach, I learned how to ask better questions and I have much lower retention rate. If you want to know how to attract higher quality people, then get a free copy of “Network Marketing Questions That Work.”
It will take some practice, a little patience and hard work but you’ll be recruiting higher quality people if you know what questions to ask.

In the mean time there is one thing that you need to stop saying and you’ll recruit more superstars on to your team.

Change this behavior
Give up on saying “it’s easy”

The easier you make it look, the sooner your new business partners will quit.

This business is not easy. The steps are simple but they do take work. There is no need to hype. I used to say, “It’s so easy! Anyone can do this!”

I didn’t realize it at the time but I was hyping. I thought that I was supposed to use hype. But I stopped using hype and I stop telling people that it’s easy when I realized this:

The truth is good enough.

Are you looking for someone that wants an easy ride or someone that is ready to work?
I’m looking for someone that is coachable, hungry and ready to work.

People who think that it is easy will end up quitting within their first 30 -90 days.
Why? Because someone made them think that this profession is easy. Don’t be that person.

Shoot for the moon
“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.”~Norman Vincent Peale

shoot-for-the-moonTelling the truth is shooting for the moon. You don’t need to hype anyone or convince anyone. If you to tell the truth and shoot for the moon, you are more likely to find those superstars.

If you say, “This business is easy ANYONE can do it!”, you aren’t shooting for the moon. You are shooting fish in a barrel, the “bottom feeders”

You’ll also push away any of the superstars.
Do you think that a Ray Higdon, Robert Hollis, or a Todd Falcone would join ANYONE that says, “This is easy!”?
Saying the business is easy attracts the low quality people and pushes away the high quality people.

What should I say?
Instead of saying “This is easy”
Try one of these:

“This is not a get rich quick scheme, it’s going to take work are you even up to that?”

“I’m looking for someone that is hungry for change, ready to work and that is coachable is that you?”

“We put a lot of time and effort into training our new business partners, so I want to make sure that you are ready to work a step by step system. It’s simple but it’s not easy.”

Tell the truth
When you stop saying, “This is easy!” and start telling it like it is, 4 things will happen:
1. You’ll push away and recruit less “bottom feeders”
2. You’ll attract and recruit more “players”
3. You’ll have less quitting and complaining on your team.
2. You’ll see more people actually working and getting results.

Create a great day!

Kenny Santos
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