Striving for perfection only leads to this…

Do-Not-wait-Napoleon-Hill2MLM Success Tips: Doing this is better than being perfect
Many Network Marketers especially if they are new to the profession, try to make everything perfect.
-the perfect script
-the perfect comeback
-the perfect way to overcome an objection
-the perfect presentation

If you wait until you are perfect before you get started, you’ll never get started. Perfection leads to procrastination.

You’ll make mistakes
When you learn how to walk, ski or ride a bike, you’ll fall.
But the more you do it, the less you’ll fall.
The best way to make less mistakes is not being scared of making them.
Mistakes are an indication that you are learning.
I like to think about it like this.
I have to make a certain amount of mistakes before I am successful. So instead of trying to avoid making mistakes, I go out and see if my technique works. If/when it doesn’t work, then I’ll make the necessary changes and get better the next time.
I can’t make changes if I’m not willing to even try and see what/if I’m doing something wrong.

It’s like riding a bike
You can’t study a book or watch a video to learn how to ride a bike.
You have to get on the bike.
Not only that you have to pedal the bike and move forward.
Have you ever tried to keep your balance on a bike that isn’t moving (and no not the exercise bikes at the gym)?
It’s very difficult to keep your balance unless the bike is moving.
If you don’t move forward on the bike, you are actually more likely to fall.
Prospecting, presenting or any other income producing activity in MLM is the same. It doesn’t matter how much you learn by listening to trainings, watching videos or reading books. You won’t get anything done and you won’t REALLY learn until you take action.

Success is impossible unless you do this.
Success is impossible unless you run.
Run hard. You can’t swim if you just dip your toe in the water. You have to jump in with both feet.

“Don’t strive for perfection, perfection leads to procrastination. Strive for action. Results and learn derive from action.”

Create a great day!

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