Success In MLM: Having, And Setting,The Right Expectations

Original Post by Lena Bjorna:

To have success in MLM, it’s critical to understand what to expect in your business. So today, let’s talk briefly about expectations. Also, be sure to watch this video as it really hits the nail on the head!

I think way too many people nose dive into their MLM or other type of business opportunity, having no idea what awaits them. Then, when the ride isn’t as smooth as they expected, they become frustrated and disillusioned.

How Success In MLM Is Achieved (In Reality)










While doing some research for a project, I came across the video above, which I think does a superb job at illustrating the phases of home business ownership.

If you have ever been involved in any kind of an entrepreneurial venture, you likely already know by experience that building a business, whether it be network marketing or something else, can be quite a roller coaster ride.

That being said, it’s also critical that if you’re building a team in MLM you set the right expectations in your own reps as they start out!



Qualifying Prospects By Setting The Right Expectations

The other day I had a long talk with my friend Ann Sieg (photo with me below), a highly successful entrepreneur.

Both of us have built big teams in the industry, and so among other things, during our phone conversation we discussed the importance of helping new reps understand what it truly takes to have success in MLM.

One thing that both Ann and I do, is that we tell our new team members up front that it is going to be a difficult and bumpy road. In fact, we even say this to our prospects(!)

But, someone will then ask, won’t this make you lose a lot of people that would otherwise sign up with you? Won’t you scare people off?

Absolutely, you will. But the right ones – the serious ones, the ones that are truly cut out to be entrepreneurs – will stick around. They’ll actually be more inclined to join you this way.

They’ll respect you for your candor, and they’ll end up doing better in the business because they came in with the right expectations.

Success In MLM Comes To Those That Work For It

The truth is that this is a tough industry to make it in. It takes a certain type of person with a certain kind of mindset to achieve success in MLM.

It takes an impeccable work ethic, a ton of self discipline, a positive mindset, a passion for helping people…etc, etc.

If you’re not being up front with your prospects about what’s required, you’ll end up with a lot of ill-prepared people on your team.

Don’t be afraid to qualify – or disqualify – your prospects. If it is clear that they aren’t right for what you have, you are not doing them a favor by sponsoring them. You’re only setting them, and yourself, up for disappointment.

Know what to expect, and then set the right expectations in your team. Let your reps know it’s going to be hard but that in the end the rewards will be worth it many times over.

You’ll build a stronger, more close-knit team this way, and the result will be more quality people and less attrition in your downline.

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