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20 Essential Books To Supercharge Your Productivity

Orginally posted by Thai Nguyen here:  http://www.lifehack.org/articles/productivity/20-essential-books-supercharge-your-productivity.html?ref=category_section_post_4 Perhaps the number one rule that productive people emphasize is the need to have a mentor. But with busy lifestyles today, it is difficult to find time to build that relationship. Thankfully, great mentors and teachers for a productive life are only an arm stretch away in a book. Success and […]

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For Your Inner Peace: 3 Things to Remember About Forgiveness

Inner Peace One the most overlooked aspects of leading a successful life is the ability to forgive. Why Forgive? Forgiveness is important because it stops you from leading a happy, successful and abundant life. “Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.” ~fake Buddha quote Holding a grudge simply […]

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Book Review: The Magic By Rhonda Byrne

The Magic Back in 2006, a movie that you probably heard of got released and it got very popular in the personal development community. The movie and the accompanying book is called The Secret and got released by Rhonda Byrne. Rhonda released several other books after the popularity of The Secret. The second book that […]

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2 Easy Ways You Can Work Less Yet Do More

Do More It seems that even though we have the technology to make things happen faster, our society is getting busier and busier. We have mobile phones, instant messaging (through multiple platforms like text sms and social media messaging), video conferencing (again through multiple platforms like facetime, skype and social media), instant information (through the […]

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Laws of the Universe: Actual Proof Why Giving Simply Isn’t Better Than Receiving

Laws Of The Universe You’ve probably heard this saying before. It is better to give rather than to receive. But how true is that statement? This statement originated from the Bible, Acts 20:35: ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive. I think the true meaning of this statement has been misunderstood. I recently […]

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