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A Cool New Confidence Building Technique That Works In Just 3 Short Weeks

Confidence Building Most of us grew up thinking that success goes to either the biggest, strongest, prettiest, most talent or the smartest. However, you’ve probably heard that success doesn’t go to those people, it actually goes to the the bold. I’ve made several blog posts and videos about the subject and you can read some […]

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How To Truly Let Go

How To Truly Let Go This isn’t a post that explains the benefits of forgiving yourself and others, it’s something that you probably already know about and something that I have explained before. If you want to learn more about why it’s important to forgive then check out these blog posts: Do This And Get […]

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Creative Visualization For Beginners

Originally posted here: http://www.richardaluck.com/wp-content/uploads/visualization.jpg Creative visualization may sound all fuzzy, new age and far-fetched to you. Many of the world’s top athletes use creative visualization to mentally prepare for their sport. So, if you can put aside your doubts for a moment and give it a try, the results of your creative visualization exercise could […]

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