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2 Visualization Tricks That Will Kick Your Law Of Attraction Game Into Beast Mode Even If You Are Brand New

Visualization Visualization can be a very powerful tool if you know how to intentionally harness it. Thoughts become things but do you ever just not feel like visualizing? It’s counter intuitive because visualizing is very pleasant. If you don’t get a feeling and start to get emotional about your affirmations and visualizing then they won’t […]

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Creative Visualization For Beginners

Originally posted here: http://www.richardaluck.com/wp-content/uploads/visualization.jpg Creative visualization may sound all fuzzy, new age and far-fetched to you. Many of the world’s top athletes use creative visualization to mentally prepare for their sport. So, if you can put aside your doubts for a moment and give it a try, the results of your creative visualization exercise could […]

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