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Real Estate Investing : Gross Lease

People lease commercial real estate properties using either a gross lease or modified gross lease or a net lease. Residential properties are usually leased under a gross lease with the exception of the utility expenses. A gross lease is also referred to as a pass-through lease or a full service lease. When a tenant leases […]

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Real Estate Foreclosure Investing

Real Estate Foreclosure in the United States Foreclosure is a process in which a piece of real estate becomes the property of a lending institution due to the legal owner’s inability to make scheduled payments on the mortgage or deed of trust.Foreclosures are spreading all over the country, which means there are opportunities everywhere. Lenders […]

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First Steps In Real Estate Investing

With so many people making tremendous amounts of money in property or real estate it’s no wonder so many are looking at real estate as an investment. It offers more security than the stock market, provides great potential returns, offers tax benefits and it sounds cool to be ‘in real estate’. One challenge many are […]

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