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Helping Others in MLM

I read this beautiful story posted here: http://www.harisingh.com/UbuntuAge.htm At the Festival of Peace, in Florianopolis, South Brazil, the journalist and philosopher Lia Diskin related a beautiful and touching story of a tribe in Africa she called Ubuntu. She explained how an anthropologist had been studying the habits and customs of this tribe, and when he […]

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How Clear Is Your Vision?

Originally Posted Here: http://amyjoneal.com/marketing-mindset-motiviation/how-clear-is-your-vision/ I had the pleasure of hearing two phenomenal multi-millionaire speakers yesterday. One was a guest on my weekly webinar, Christina Dreiling, and one was a guest on Cedrick Harris’ weekly call, Jerry Clark. I can’t tell you how much value and inspiration I got from that. Simply priceless. Not only hearing […]

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Be Confident

Orignally Posted Here: http://www.finerminds.com/personal-growth/the-confidence-factor/ Here’s the thing: there’s nothing special about me. I am a regular person with flaws, shortcomings and bad days, but when you develop courage muscles and inner-confidence, you don’t let anything hold you back. The root cause of low confidence and self-esteem is insufficient self-love, so we must develop a positive […]

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