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The Biggest Determining Factor That Influences Whether Your MLM Prospects Buy From You Or Not

MLM Prospect What’s the biggest factor that determines whether your MLM prospect buy from you? Is it the product? Is it the compensation plan? Is it the company? While all of these are important, there are more important factors that determine whether or not your prospect buys. The most important factor that determines whether your […]

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3 Ways Of MLM Prospecting During The Holiday Season Even Though Your Prospects Are On Holiday Mode

MLM Prospecting The Holiday season is a time when many network marketers make the mistake of not growing their business. They get into cruise control because of Thanksgiving and then the Christmas Season and they let themselves get lazy. This is detrimental because our profession is all about momentum. If you let your momentum slow […]

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The Best MLM Podcast Won’t Surprise You

MLM Podcast If I could only listen to one podcast about Network Marketing then Home Business Profits  by Ray Higdon would be my choice. There are lots of podcasts about network marketing. Many of them are really good. I sometimes listen to MLM Nation with Simon Chan  and I also occasionally listen to You Unplugged  by […]

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