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The Biggest Determining Factor That Influences Whether Your MLM Prospects Buy From You Or Not

MLM Prospect What’s the biggest factor that determines whether your MLM prospect buy from you? Is it the product? Is it the compensation plan? Is it the company? While all of these are important, there are more important factors that determine whether or not your prospect buys. The most important factor that determines whether your […]

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MLM Success: 4 Telephone Prospecting Tips

If you want to get better at Telephone prospecting please understand that -only 7% of communication is through what you say, -38% through certain vocal elements, -and 55% through nonverbal elements (facial expressions, gestures, posture, etc) I got this from: http://www.nonverbalgroup.com/2011/08/how-much-of-communication-is-really-nonverbal/ Get your free audio at http://www.kennysantos.com/freemp3 Help yourself out and talk with the prospect […]

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MLM Success: How to be more effective in online video marketing (it’s easier than you think)

              Are you someone who wants to create some marketing videos to grow your business? Here’s how to be more effective in online video marketing. In this video I will show you the exact structure on how to make your videos more effective. Get your free audio here: www.kennysantos.com/freemp3 […]

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