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The Biggest Determining Factor That Influences Whether Your MLM Prospects Buy From You Or Not

MLM Prospect What’s the biggest factor that determines whether your MLM prospect buy from you? Is it the product? Is it the compensation plan? Is it the company? While all of these are important, there are more important factors that determine whether or not your prospect buys. The most important factor that determines whether your […]

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Having Posture With Your Prospects (Part 3)

Original Post Can Be Found Here: http://whoislena.com/practical-tips-for-having-more-posture-with-mlm-prospects-part-3/ We are looking at how to have more posture with MLM prospects, and have arrived at the third and final part in our little mini-series. (If you missed part 1, you’ll find it here. Click here for part 2.) In today’s post, let’s look at three final tips […]

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Having Posture With Your Prospects (Part 2)

PART 1 CAN BE FOUND HERE!!! Original Post by Lena Bjorna can be found here: http://whoislena.com/practical-tips-for-having-more-posture-with-mlm-prospects-part-2/ We’re continuing our three-part series on how to have posture with MLM prospects… Last time we covered why you shouldn’t try to be your prospects’ friend, rather you want to come across as their leader. We also talked about […]

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Having Posture with your Prospects (Part 1)

Original Post Here:  http://whoislena.com/practical-tips-for-having-more-posture-with-mlm-prospects/ Having posture with MLM prospects… I bet you’ve heard that phrase used a million times. But what does it really mean to have posture with prospects, and why is it so important? Well, having posture simply means you are in control of the conversation. You are being the leader. Of course […]

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When Fear Is Holding Your MLM Prospects Back…

Original Post by Lena Bjorna http://whoislena.com/when-fear-is-holding-your-mlm-prospects-back/ How do you get MLM prospects to move forward when they’re afraid? That’s the question I’d like to address in today’s brief article and in my video above. And, to give credit where credit is due, this is a tip I got from Ellie Drake, a highly successful female […]

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