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How To Go From Being A 320 lb Addict To Completing an Impossible 100 Mile Race: One Step At A Time

One Step At a Time From Runner’s World: David Clark used to rely on Vicodin, Percocet, or codeine—chased with Johnny Walker—to get through the day. The addict had lost an $8 million mattress company, weighed 320 pounds, was prediabetic, and had blood pressure so dangerously high that his doctor said, “You may have a stroke […]

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The Easy Way To Finally Tackling That Passion Project That You Have Been Procrastinating

Passion Project Are you like me and have some passion projects that you are excited about but you either haven’t started them or maybe you have started but the projects are still unfinished? Some people call these projects, passion projects and they are things that we want to complete so that they will make us […]

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