Talent Vs Skill: When You Are On The Road To Success, Talent Is Simply Overrated

Talent Vs SkillTalent vs Skill
What’s the difference between talent vs skill and why is it so important in determining success.

In earlier blog posts, I discuss the importance of chasing your passion and learning your purpose in life. Two of the points that I’ve discussed that are important in leading a truly successful life are:

1. Service- you are not living your purpose unless what you do brings value to people.
2. Passion- you can’t be living your purpose unless you love what you do.

Many people wonder about talent. Don’t you have to have talent in the way you bring value to the world?

The answer is no.

Talent certainly can help but it isn’t necessary.

Talent is an innate ability that you are born with. You may look at some people at just think that they are naturally gifted with talent.

Skill is something that you pick up, learn and develop. If you take something like playing the piano or juggling and practice at it, you might not be good at the beginning but with enough practice, you can eventually become very good at it. If you love it enough you might do it wrong enough for long enough and get good enough that people may think you are naturally gifted at it.

You Don’t Need Talent
This is the case with Michael Jordan. Michael Jordan wasn’t naturally gifted at basketball, he wasn’t even good enough to make it out to his high school basketball team. He spent the summer practicing until he got better and better and eventually he was good enough to finally make the team. You can tell that Michael Jordan truly had a passion by for basketball because he kept practicing until he became arguably the best in the world.

He lacked talent but he still had the passion to sacrifice his time, effort and energy until he built his skill.

You don’t have to have talent to be successful. You do however need enough passion to become skilled in your craft.


(Sorry for the wind)

It reminds me of a story that I heard.

A concert pianist was playing the piano in a hotel lobby. He was hired by the hotel to entertain the guests. When he took a break, one of the patrons of the hotel praised him for his performance and said, “You are so good at playing the piano, I would give my life to be able to play as good as you do!”
His response: “I did.”

This concert pianist is just like Michael Jordan. He practiced and practiced until he excelled in his craft. He may not have had talent but he worked hard to get skill.

“Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard.” ~Kevin Durant

With that being said, passion leads to hard work.
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