Talk about them

People often ask me, “Why did you get into MLM?”
The answer is simple. What I was doing wasn’t working.
I was a registered nurse, working my tail off. I worked many extra hours but my bank account was still the same.
Month after month and year after year.

I read a book called Rich Dad, Poor Dad. I know that many of you had read it as well and I realized that working more hours at my job was not the way to wealth.

I wanted more and I was ready to work hard but it wasn’t working.
I was disatisfied.

I invite you, when you are looking for partners in your business, find out some of their disatisfactions and if your company/product/service can assist them then talk about it.

You don’t need a script because every conversation is different but if I were to suggest a very generic one it would sound like this:

Them: I hate my job! (disatisfaction)
You: Why? What’s wrong?
Them: My boss is jerk and I’m breaking my back. I can’t do work like I used to, I’m getting older.
You: I don’t like my job either, it’s tough out there working for someone else. Why do you stay there?
Them: Just like everyone else. I need the money.
You: Really… How much would you need to make per month so you could quit your job?
Them: $x/month.
You: If I could show you how to make $x/month so you could quit your job, would you want to see how that works?

Notice this, this conversation is about THEM. Not about how cool your company is, not about how amazing your product/service is. It’s about them.
Chances are, if you identify with people, share a little bit about yourself and listen to them; you’ll find that they will listen to you and want to find out more about how you can help them.

Now there’s no guarantee that after they listen to you that they will join you but at least they’ll listen.
If you had 3-5 of those conversations each day with people, you teach your new partners to do the same and you did it for 90 days, then you’d have no difficulty advancing ranks in your company.

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