Why You Shouldn’t Talk To Your Warm Market

The title of this post is ridiculous.  Of course you should talk to your warm market!

When you start MLM, if your upline is good, they will say this, “Let’s make a list of everyone you know, and we will call your top 20 people.”

Many distributors are very resistant to doing that.

#1 Rejection
One of the biggest reasons is because they don’t want to get rejected by someone they know. They also don’t want look foolish in front of their friends and family.

Here’s the thing, if it’s good enough for you then it’s good enough for the people you know. You should be asking them to have a look that’s it. If you ask them properly, then most people should at least take a look, if they aren’t then I suspect that you are saying too much. Talk to your sponsor or another member of your support team BEFORE you start talking to your warm market so that you are saying the right things.

I remember sitting down with one of my new distributors and she didn’t want to talk to her warm market. She said that “she doesn’t really know anyone” and “she’s been in MLM before and she doesn’t want to approach her family again.” She stuck to that story until I showed her the script. When she saw the script, she realized that it wasn’t intimidating at all and she started writing a list. A big one.
She started calling and she her team started to grow.

If you are too scared to talk to your family then your approach is all wrong.

#2 I don’t want anyone to know what I’m doing
If you were a realtor, would you tell your friends and family and ask them for their business and referrals.
What if you were a car salesman?
What if you owned a restaurant?
What if you opened up a store?

I am in a health and wellness MLM that sells supplements. If I opened up a brick and mortor store or even an online store that sold supplements then I would be telling everyone I know. MLM should be no different.

#3 I’ll talk to them AFTER I start making money
“I want to make sure that this works before I talk to people that I know.”
Aren’t there ALREADY income testimonials and product testimonials that prove that this works?
If you make money in this business, does this guarantee that your friends will make money in this business?

If you wait until you “make money first” then chances are that it will take several months before you make money.
Let’s say you make your first $1000 and decide to tell a friend. They will ask, “How long have you been doing this for?” (3 months or longer)
“Oh, that’s not very much money for 3 months.”
If you talk to your warm market right away, then you’ll be able to use the testimonials of your support team and your sponsor.

The Bottom Line
Your warm market is the fastest way to money and it’s the most duplicatable. Everyone has a warm market so if you recruit and build your business that way, then your organization will do the same thing.

I hope this was useful information for you and I invite you to share your valuable comments below.

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