The 10 Minute Tony Robbins Morning Routine That Will Motivate You

Morning RoutineThe 10 Minute Morning Routine That Will Motivate You

I recently watched a youtube video of Tony Robbins describing how he starts his day. I’m sure that you know who Tony Robbins is.  He has made some huge changes in his life and he has also helped others create some success so he probably knows what he is talking about. If this is how Tony Robbins starts his day then perhaps you should do it as well. I know that I do.
You can see the video here:

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Step 1. Spend 3 Minutes Feeling Gratitude
Tony Robbins spends the first 3 minutes of his morning routine thinking about the top 3 things he is grateful for in his life.

When you are grateful, you can’t be worried, You can’t be fearful. When you are grateful, you can’t be angry. Anger and Fear are what screw people up the most.” ~Tony Robbins

He doesn’t only think of these things, he feels it.

Even if you are stuck in a rut and hating life, it’s easy to find reasons be grateful if you look for them.
There are so many things that we take for granted that others long for
If you have access to clean water.
If you can read.
If you have Internet.
Consider yourself lucky, 100’s of millions of people would love to have that.

If you are grateful, the Universe will give you more blessings.

Step 2. Spend 3 Minutes Praying For Others
Tony Robbins then takes 3 minutes and prays of others.
Praying is easy when you are praying for others. Send them good energy and love. We often hear of hardships that are friends and family are going through. In this age of social media, we hear of tragedies of friends of friends and people we don’t really know. We can’t always send money or supplies but we can always send them prayers. Praying for others shows the Universe that you trust it and lifts your spirit for the rest of the day.

Step 3. Spend 3 Minutes Thinking About Your Tasks For The Day
The final 3 minutes, Tony Robbins thinks about the top 3 things that he wants to accomplish for the day.
We all have a list of things that we want accomplished. For some it’s a real list that they have written down, for others it’s a mental list. If you are like most people, you procrastinate the list and let other “more important” (or sometimes more fun) things get in the way.
You will get more accomplished if you think about the 3 things that you must get accomplished for the day.

Picture the 3 things that you need to get accomplished today. See them as done and feel it.

Maybe you’ve wanted to start running but you keep putting off your first run. During your morning routine, picture yourself starting your routine. It might only be a 5 or 10 minute run but it’s a lot further distance than if you just thought about running. Think about how you’ll feel after it’s done. Your endorphins will be running high. You’ll have more energy. But best of all, you’ll feel proud that you did it. You made a promise to yourself and kept it.

That’s 3 steps that are each 3 minutes long. That’s a total of 9 minutes. Tony said it’s a 10 minute routine but he only accounted for 9 of them. You have 1 minute of bonus time, just in case you go over on 1 or more of them. Do this for 10 minutes each morning or if you want do if for 15 or 20 minutes. But aim for at least 10 minutes. That way you’ll have no excuses for why you don’t do it.

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Create A Great Day!

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Get this free audio mp3 and learn 6 Law of Attraction Life Hacks that will allow you to implement the Law of Attraction everyday in an effortless way. 

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