The 2 Biggest Mistakes That Network Marketers Make

Avoid MistakesThe 2 Biggest Mistakes That Network Marketers Make

There is no failing in Network Marketing. Either you succeed or you quit. Most network marketers don’t last. It is a very high attrition profession. People quit. Most of them quit with in their first 90 days. Many don’t even make it their first 30 days.

There are 7 big mistakes that network marketers make that contribute to their lack of results and prevent their success. I’ve put them together in an audio download called “The 7 Biggest Mistakes in MLM and How to Avoid Them” at a very low “no brainer” price of only $7 on my products page.

Here are the 2 big ones.

1. You aren’t talking to enough people.
When I first got started in network marketing, I made a list of people and I procrastinated making calls. The phone weighed 100 pounds and when I finally got myself all psyched up and made a call or 2 I felt like I was really doing a lot of work.
I felt like I was making a lot of calls but by the end of the first week I probably only made 5-10 calls. I thought that I was working my business because I was studying the company, the product and comp plan. Studying isn’t working. Studying doesn’t make you money. Action makes money. I should have been making 5-10 calls per day!

You can make every other mlm mistake but if you all you do is avoid this mistake, you will be successful in network marketing. If you talk to more people about your business, even you aren’t good at inviting, you’ll eventually get eye balls on the presentation and people will by your product or join your team. The best part is the more people you talk to, the better you will get at inviting and the more efficient you’ll be with your time.

Talk to more people. Period.

2. You talk to much
When you talk to someone about your business, you need to talk less. Be brief. I know that you are excited and you want to tell them everything but learn to bite your tongue and shut up. You are not there to invite them to a presentation. Don’t let your invitation turn into a presentation.

You have one goal when you are inviting someone to look at your business: You want to see if they are open to having a look. That’s it! You aren’t there to convince them to look if they say no. And you certainly no there to tell them more about the presentation if they say yes.

If they say that they do want to have a look at the business then give them the details and get off of the phone. Too many times, I’ve seen or heard a network marketer talk someone into having a look at the presentation and then proceed to give them all the information and talk them out of looking. Don’t give away the end of the movie.  Let the presentation do all the telling and the selling for you.  That’s what it’s for.

Those are the 2 biggest mistakes that network marketers make. If you want to know the other 5, then grab an audio mp3 copy of “The 7 Biggest Mistakes in MLM and How to Avoid Them” for the low price of only $7 on my products page.

Create a great day!

Kenny Santos
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