The 2 Main Reasons Why You Are Procrastinating And Not Taking Action Towards Your Dreams

Taking Action

Many people have goals and dreams yet they don’t take daily actions toward them. Procrastination is what will steal your dreams but how can you stop it? As I explained in my last post, it isn’t the action towards your dreams that’s hard, it’s simply initiating the action that’s hard. Once you get started, you’ll find it easier to keep going.

It’s Not Just About The Why
Having a why or a reason to be successful is important and necessary to motivate you. You probably heard that you need to have a why that makes you cry. Something that you want to so badly that just the thought of it can bring you to tears.

For some, their why is being able to quit their job so they can spend time with their family. For others it’s to raise enough money to visit their parents or children or to sponsor their parents or children to live in a country with more opportunity. Your why is very personal and special to you.

But having a why isn’t good enough.

There are many that have a strong whys but they are still procrastinating and not taking action towards their goals.

Here are 2 reasons why you are procrastinating and not taking action towards your goals and how to address them.

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1. You don’t believe in you.
Maybe deep down (or maybe not so deep) you simply don’t believe that you can do it. You figure that you shouldn’t even try because you’ll fail anyway. Maybe you do take action but you unconsciously self sabotage yourself. You don’t play big and by doing so, you end up failing.

Action Step
If you suspect that you are procrastinating because you don’t believe in yourself, I invite you to read biographies or listen/watch stories of rags to riches. There are people that have less talent, less education, less money, and less opportunity than you and they are living lives that most can only dream of. If they can do it, then why can’t you? Allow their stories to build belief in yourself.

2. You don’t feel worthy

Some of us just don’t feel worthy of success. We want success but we don’t feel worthy. We think that first we must first achieve success and then (and only then) we will be rewarded with worthiness. As a result, we procrastinate and don’t take action. This can turn into a vicious circle because the procrastination will make us feel less worthy and those feelings will make us procrastinate more.

You must feel worthy first.

When you feel worthy of success, you’ll start taking action and start playing big because you feel like you deserve it.

Action Step
If you think you might be procrastinating or just unconsciously self sabotaging yourself because of a (hidden) lack of self worth then think about someone that has achieved success that (you think) doesn’t deserve it. Maybe it’s a celebrity that acts like an arrogant jerk. They don’t deserve success but they still have it. It doesn’t matter if you don’t think they are worthy or if anyone else thing they are worthy either. What matters is that they think they are. Since they think they are worthy, they are not procrastinating or playing small. They are out there hustling to achieve their dreams.

If they are worthy of success then so are you.

Believing in oneself and having a feeling of worthiness will help you take action and stop procrastinating all the time.

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