The 2 Most Common and Biggest Mistakes That Network Marketers Need To Avoid

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Just like any other profession, in network marketing there are mistakes that you need to avoid in order to be successful.

I wish that I knew about the mistakes to avoid because it cost me a lot of money in terms of lost profits and also a lot of time and frustration because it took me 9 months to make any money when I first got started.

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Not Talking To Enough People

The biggest mistake that you can make as a network marketers is not talking to enough people. If you made every other mistake but you still avoided this one, you can still be successful in this profession.

Many people think and genuinely feel like they are “working” their business when they are avoiding the most important activity. They must get sales and sign ups and in order to do so, they must step out of their comfort zone and talk to people.

Most network marketers fail because they use their time learning how to prospect instead of taking action and actually prospecting. They watch videos about their product, compensation plan and company instead of actually talking to people.

That’s just like a pizza parlor owner that is excited and wants to invest some time building his business. They learn how to make pizza, they learn how to advertise, they buy the supplies but they don’t make any effort to actually get customers.

If you don’t do the income producing activities then you won’t make any actual money.

Spend Too Much Time With Prospects

Many network marketers simply don’t understand the goal of prospecting. It isn’t to convince your prospect to join or buy.

The goal of prospecting is to find out if your prospect is open.

If your prospect is open, then that is wonderful keep going with the conversation. However if they aren’t, then your job isn’t to convince them why they should be open. This has nothing to do with you, your company, your product or your comp plan. This has everything to do with them. I’m not saying that you need to stop after getting your first “no” from a prospect but there is a fine line between nagging someone and shoving the information down someone’s throat and overcoming an objection with your prospect.

Overcoming an objection with your prospect is when your prospect actually wants to join but they feel like they can’t because of lack of money, time or another resource. When you overcome an objection with your prospect you are working together as opposed to against each other.

Far too many network marketers spend too much time with prospects that will never ever join.

Most times, no amount of nagging will change your prospect’s mind, so don’t bother. Spend your time talking to someone else and find out if they are open.

One of the main criteria that I have when I let someone join my team is that they must be open to change and they must like my product and company. If they don’t, then I really don’t want them on my team and they probably don’t want to join my team.

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