The 3 Month Vacation Podcast Review

3 Month Vacation
“This podcast isn’t some magic trick about how to work less. Instead it’s about how to really enjoy the work that you do and enjoy your vacation.”

That is the opening to Sean D’Souza’s of podcast.

From iTunes:
Sean D’Souza made two vows when he started up Psychotactics back in 2002. The first was the he’d always get paid in advance and the second was that work wouldn’t control his life. He decided to take three months off every year. But how do you take three months off, without affecting your business and profits? Do you buy into the myth of “outsourcing everything and working just a few hours a week?” Not really. Instead, you structure your business in way that enables you to wrk hard and then take three months off every single year. And Sean walks his talk. Since 2004 he’s taken three months off every year (except in 2005, when there was a medical emergency.) This podcast isn’t about the easy life. Instead with this podcast you learn how to really enjoy your work, enjoy your vacation time and yes, get paid in advance.

Sean has created a very addictive and informative podcast for people who really want to bring value into this world and spend their limited time on earth doing something productive.

It’s a podcast for entrepreneurs. Sean’s podcasts come out weekly. Unless of course when he is on vacation in which case he will republish a previous podcast. His vacations aren’t 3 months in length as the title of the podcast would indicate. Sean will teach you to build a business that you love so much that you don’t want to spend 3 months away from it. Sean takes vacations that are about 3 weeks in length but he takes several of them every year and they probably add up to about 3 months.

His podcasts teach many things that entrepreneurs need to know that aren’t taught in too many places.

He teaches things like
-how to build credibility
-mental barriers that will slow you down
-how to write a stunning report overnight
-how to quickly create uniqueness

His podcasts are anywhere from 20 to 60 minutes in length and he covers 3 points in each podcast. When he is done explaining his 3 points he often will give you homework so that you can apply what you learn.

If you need a little (or alot) of help taking your business to the next level, then I suggest listening to the 3 Month Vacation podcast. It will teach you a lot of the little things that you need to learn and the little things make a big difference.

Praise for the 3 Month Vacation:

There’s a lot of business and marketing information out there. Sean has a way of making it accessible and practical in a way that has helped me “move the needle.” by Radyx

Clearly presented, well thought information that presents a well thought out system. Good production values, and each is short enough to digest as if they were a brain snack, so, altogether easy to digest! by Zander of

I love the simplicity. the depth, the examples, the music and humour! by focusnoel


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