The Affirmation That Is Changing My Life That Will Motivate You

affirmationIn August, I wrote a blog post called 3 Words That Will Change Your Life.  In it I spoke about how a guy named Kamal used a simple 3 word affirmation that completely turned his life around. He was depressed and stayed in bed all day but after a short time, he started experiencing this:

People came into my life, opportunities arose, I found myself using the word “magic” to describe what was happening. In less than a month, I was healthy, I was fit again, I was naturally happy, I was smiling. Amazing people were coming into my life, situations were naturally resovling themselves. ~Kamal Ravikant

He was so moved by the experience that he wrote a book about it. It’s called Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends on it.

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My Experience
Well I read the book and started to say this simple 3 Word Affirmation. The affirmation is “I Love Myself”.   I started saying this to myself everyday. I would say it to myself all the time. During my morning routine, while I was brushing my teeth or taking a shower. During my meals if I was eating alone I would say it to myself. During my morning and even yoga sessions and during my walks and runs I would find myself saying “I love myself” to myself over and over and over again.

It took a lot of practice at first. Sometimes I would forget but then I started setting appointments on my phone to remind me. Every morning when I woke up, I would look at my phone and I would get reminded to say, “I love myself.” During breakfast my phone would remind me again. Every couple of hours during the day, my phone would remind me again and again and again. It came to the point that whenever my phone vibrated or made a noise, I would just instantly think to myself, “I love myself.”

My Behaviors
Loving myself changed my behaviors. It changed my decisions. Sometimes in the morning, I would just want to skip my morning routine and roll over to get some more sleep. But then I would say, “I love myself” and then I would think, “If I really love myself, then I would get up and do my morning yoga. I love myself more than I love more sleep at this moment.”

I would often skip desserts or making better eating decisions. Everytime it was time to have dessert, I would unconsciously say “I love myself.” That split second would encourage me to make better decisions about my eating.

It affected my business life as well. If I found myself wanting to procrastinate my work, I would unconsciously hear myself say “I love myself” and that was enough to stop my procrastinating and either shoot a video, write a blog post or otherwise grow my business.

The Results
Skipping dessert once won’t make much difference in your life. Doing Yoga once won’t change your life either. Doing one blog post or shooting one video will have much affect on your life but if you start to do it everyday, then it can have profound effect on your life in a very short period of time.

I can proudly say that since I’ve started saying “I love myself” that I haven’t missed one day of yoga and exercising I haven’t overeaten. That might not sound too hard to many of you but keep in mind that this includes 24 days on a cruise ship where it’s always all you can eat. They say the average weight gain for a person on a cruise ship is about a pound a day. During that 24 day period, I lost 3 lbs. I lost a total of 17 lbs so far.

As a result of taking action to grow my business, my business has increased. I came home to find out that I had more leads and more money that I expected my pay pal account and unexpected cheques in the mail.

All this has happened in the last 3 months and I trust that life will get even better.

Will saying this simple 3 word affirmation make this much difference in your life?
I don’t know.
But what if it does?

Exciting isn’t it.

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