The Amazing You: The True Power Of Your Influence

amazing-youThe Amazing You: The True Power Of Your Influence

Do you actually realize how much influence you have on the world around you?

Whether you know it or not, you have a profound impact on your surroundings and the people that you come in contact with with on a daily basis. You may think that you have little or no impact but I assure you it is bigger than you know.

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The reason why I’m bringing this up is because I received a little text from a friend of mine. His name is Etienne. Etienne is one of those guys that when you meet him, just has a “coolness” about him. He is a super nice buy, he works out, he is well dressed and he is confident. He is also an awesome Realtor so if you are in the Toronto area and you are either buying or selling a home then go to and contact Etienne.

I had no idea that Etienne learned a lot simply from being around me.

But this simple text really made think,

“Most of us really don’t know how awesome we are.”

For the most part, when we impact someone’s life (even in a small way), most people don’t tell us as much as we deserve.

People Deserve To Know How Great They Are
We can learn from that. We can make others aware of how thankful we are from their positive influence on our life. We need to be telling our friends, our family and the people we love that we appreciate them and to give specific examples of why that’s so.

When was the last time you called your mother and told her “Thank you. For something that she recently did for you?”
When was the last time you did what my friend Etienne did and just simply sent a text that thanked someone for being themselves.

A Simple Daily Exercise That Will Make You Happier
What if just once a day, you sent a simple text or a social media message to someone and thanked them? When Etienne sent me that message it made me feel good.
What if you could make someone different feel good like that everyday with a simple message?
It’s actually very easy to do. All you have to do is speak from the heart.

You could even take it a level higher and send a hand written over the mail. With texting and social media, getting a letter in the mail has turned into something special. What if you did that just once a week?

After a month you’ll have impacted 30 people or 4 people by mail.
If you did that, you cannot go through life without feeling much better about life and being grateful for all your blessings. It’s impossible.

When you spread joy, it comes back to you 10 fold.

Just imagine how much the world would change if we all simply expressed gratitude to the people that make our lives better.

Create A Great Day!

Kenny Santos
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