The Art of The Follow Up: How to Recruit Without Feeling Pushy or Salesy

decision-making3 Steps that are needed to collect a decision in network marketing

I had a blog post called What To Do When They Chase You: 4 Steps To A Yes  and the 4th step was how to collect a decision.
I didn’t have the chance to go into as much detail as it deserved so I promised my readers that I would do another blog post on it.

Collecting a decision happens after you give them information, it could be after a hotel presentation, or after a 1 on 1. It could  be after you send them to review some information online and call them back.  Here are the 3 steps after they have reviewed the information.

Step 1 take their temperature.
Find out what they liked most.  Find out interests them most.  Is it the money?  Is it the time freedom.  Maybe they are excited about the product/service.
Your company or your upline has probably taught you to say: “What did you like most about what you saw?”

That’s a great way to take there temperature.

No matter what they like, agree with them and ask them why they like it.  The idea here is for them to bring up reasons why the opportunity or the product is great.


If you say it, it’s a lie.  If they say it, it’s the truth.  So let them say it!

Step 2 Ask a closing Question
Once you know what they like and they have listed some reasons why it’s a great opportunity, ask them a simple closing question.
“Sounds to me like you are ready to join”  It’s technically not even a question.  I learned this one from Ray Higdon and it’s very effective.

Another example is
“Do you see an opportunity for yourself?”

If you would like to see more examples then check out this  blog post entitled 7 non-salesways to ask for the sale
One of my favorites is #4. It’s a question that gets the prospect to close themselves.

Step 3 Overcome any Objections
They might not have ANY objections.
They may just join. But if they do have objections, the closing question will bring them out.

The rule
Don’t overcome the objection unless they want the objection to be overcome.

Don’t try to overcome their objection unless they want to join the business.
You might think: “If they want to join the business, then why would they have objections?”

A prospect may want to join your team but they might think that their objection is an legitimate barrier to entry for them.
They might think that really don’t have enough money or time.
Who knows to them the objection is real.

So before you try to over come the objection, figure out if they are brushing you off.
If they are just brushing you off and they aren’t interested, then it doesn’t matter what you say.
They just won’t join. (And BTW, you don’t want someone on your team if they don’t want to be on it anyway) I talk about it more in another blog post called  “The curse of convincing

How do you know if they are brushing you off?
Sometimes you can tell by their tone but if you can’t just ask them.
“Are you saying that because you don’t want to hurt my feelings or you would get started if we could find a way that you could work this into your schedule (if it was a time objection)?”

“If I could help you find the time (or money) would you want to get started?”

Another way to know for sure if you they just don’t want to join and they are trying to brush you off is if the overcoming of the objection sounds like an argument. If it feels like you guys are on opposite sides, then they don’t want to join and you don’t want them on your team. Let them go and talk to the next person.

If you have to convince them to join, you’ll have to convince them to work.

Overcoming objections should be a team activity. If they want to join, then you should both be trying to overcome the objection together. It should feel collaborative.

Getting them on your side
One thing that I say to see if they are open to “coming on my side” is by saying: “If you had the time (or what ever their objective is) why would you do this?”

Get back to their reasons why they should do it. Let them think about it for a little bit. Let the hunger stew in the soul and let them feel it. Often when they are reminded of how awesome it would be if they succeeded in this business, they will overcome the objections themselves. You just need to remind them why.

3rd Party Validation
Don’t be shy about asking your upline to help you with collecting a decision. Especially if you are new. Don’t use them as a last resort. Using your upline on a 3 way call or 2 on 1 after your prospect has seen the information will make it easier for you. You’ll learn the process and it will look much easier to duplicate to your prospect. They’ll think, “All Kenny did was show my some information and then he introduced to to Bob to answer ALL of my questions. That’s easy! I can do that!

Remember, the fortune is in the follow up. If you are going to take the time to prospect and present, you may as well do the follow up correctly as well because that’s where you get paid!

Create a great day!

Kenny Santos
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