The Art of Inviting: Getting To Yes


Prospecting Invitations
Your main job in the Network Marketing Profession is to get eyeballs on the presentation. The more eyeballs that you get on the presentation, the more sign ups and the more customers you will get. To get more eyeballs on the presentation, you have to invite people. Some will say yes and have a peek at the information and some will say no to your prospecting invitation. How do you get more people to say yes to your prospecting invitation?

2 Mistakes To Avoid When Making a Prospecting Invitation
1. Sounding Desperate
Many Network Marketers sound desperate and they don’t even know it.  They sound desperate because they are using hype words. Ground floor, break through product etc.
Sounding desperate is a great way to get you prospect to turn you down when you try to invite them to see more information.

2. Sounding Weak
Many network marketers make the mistake of sounding weak when they invite. It sounds like they are expecting a “no” before they even ask.

“Would you perhaps, maybe, want to come to this business presentation?”

How weak does that sound? Imagine asking out a girl on a date with a questions like this.

“Would you perhaps, maybe, if you were interested want to go out to dinner with me sometime?”

Or worse a marriage proposal.

“Would you perhaps, maybe, want to marry me?”

Weakness wouldn’t work when you are asking someone out on a date and it certainly won’t work for a prospecting invitation. Remember people don’t join companies, they join leaders. If you sound like that, you won’t come across as a leader.

The Art Of Inviting
Instead of making a prospecting invitation from the desperate point of view or coming across as weak, try this simple 2 step approach.

1. Bring up the subject of the meeting.
2. Finish strong by saying “Do you want to be included?”

Example for a weight loss company
I’m meeting up with a group and we are going to be talking about how to finally lose the weight and keep it off. Do you want to be included?

Example for coffee company
I started a coffee business and I’m having my grand opening and giving out some free samples. Do you want to be included?

Example for business presentation
I’m meeting up with a group and they are talking about a fun, lucrative way to take control of your life.  Do you want to be included?

Do you want to be included?
Look at the psychology of that question. It doesn’t feel like you are secretly hoping and wishing that they will say yes. It’s a simple question and it’s almost as if you don’t care if they come or not. You don’t sound hypey. You don’t sound desperate and you don’t sound weak.

Saying the 6 words “do you want to be included” after a short, to the point, non hypey invitation will get you more yeses and more eyeballs on the presentation.
Create a great day!

Kenny Santos
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