The Best And Easiest Way To Predict Success in MLM

Predict Success
Predict Success

How cool would it be if you could tell the future and predict how successful you (or anyone else) will be in building their MLM business.

There are many things that people talk about when it comes to their particular MLM company. They talk about how good their product is or how good their comp plan is. They talk about the CEO or the science behind their product. They talk about the leadership and the community but none of these will accurately predict your success in this profession.

The biggest predictor of success is how you treat your business.

Do you treat your business like a hobby, a pet or a baby?

Your Hobby
When I was growing up, I learned how to play guitar. It was one of my hobbies. I played the guitar when I felt like it. I only did the things that I liked. I didn’t practice any music theory and I only learned chords that were easy. Today I can strum a couple of songs but I’m certainly not a professional guitar player or anything like that. My guitar’s strings broke and I haven’t played my guitar in years. If I liked playing guitar more than a hobby then I would have taken the time to get it strung so I could play some more. Hobbies are fun but they cost money.

I treated playing the guitar as a hobby and it cost me money. Some people treat their MLM business like a hobby. They do only they things they like to do, they might only like watching videos or giving a product testimonial but other than that they don’t do much of anything that makes them uncomfortable (like actual income producing activities like prospecting). As a result, they might have a little bit of fun but they don’t make any money.

Your Pet
Pets require more attention than a hobby. You must take care of your pet everyday. At the minimum you have to feed and water your pet daily and clean up any messes that it makes. Some pets require more attention than others . You have to walk your dog on regular basis and give it baths. You put more work into your pet than you do a hobby and you get more out of them. When you come home if you have a dog it will often run to the door to meet you and you’ll always have someone excited to see you. Pets like to snuggle with you and you get more return on your effort than you would a hobby.

If you treat your business like you treat a pet, it will also give you a return. If you do something everyday to grow your business everyday then you can make an income from it. Now it depends on how much effort you put into your business but if you some effort into it and you’ll make some money. If you put more effort into it, you’ll make more money.

Your Baby

When I first met my son, I did not want to leave him even just to go to the bathroom.

If you are a parent, you treat your baby with passion. You are willing to give up so much for your baby. You give up sleep. You give your time. If money is tight you give up (some) food. You are willing to suffer for your baby. In fact that’s what passion means:

Passion means willing to suffer for.

When you take care of your baby then when it grows up it can take care of you later on.

What if you had real passion for your business?
Are you willing to give up sleep and time for it?
Are you willing to give up some disposable income for it?

Once you have passion for your business, you go from simply surviving in business or making a living in business to thriving in business.

What if you found a way to build your business that you loved? What if you had so much passion in your business that it was all you could think about? What if you couldn’t wait to get started each and every morning to build your business? How would that affect your success?

If you treat your business with as much passion and effort as you would with a baby then you couldn’t help but become successful

Don’t get mixed up and think that having passion for “Your Why” is the same as having passion for your business Anyone can claim that they have passion for better lifestyle but that doesn’t necessarily make you do all of the income producing activities that make you successful in MLM. Having passion for the income producing activities like prospecting, presenting and closing is what makes you successful.

If you treat your business like a hobby, it will cost you like a hobby.
If you treat your business like your pet, it will pay you like a job.
If you treat your business like your baby, it will pay you like a business.

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