The Best Way To Learn If You Want To Grow

The Best Way To Learn
We all know that if you want to grow as a person, then you must learn however

Not all learning is equal.

If you aren’t learning the right type of knowledge then it simply won’t help you.

You’ve probably heard that knowledge is power but you should also know by now that it isn’t knowledge that is power, it’s applied knowledge that is the real power.

That means if you are watching some TV and learning about the rain forest of South America, then your learning isn’t really growing unless you can apply the knowledge.

So how can you make sure that you grow the most while you are learning?

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What Can You Apply?
The next time you are in a learning environment, take note of what you can apply.

If you go to a Tony Robbins seminar, or a sales seminar or a law of attraction workshop, they will show you a lot of different information. Some of the information will motivate you. Other information might be a recap of something that you have learned before. Some information will brand new. Out of all of that information, be sure to take note of the information that you can apply right away.

Often notes to seminars and workshops are forgotten and just filed away. You get to go home with a feeling of motivation and inspiration but often those emotions will fade after a day or 2 and you don’t get the full benefit from the seminar. If you just take the effort to review your notes and apply the information that you learn, you will grow more from the workshops that you attend.

One of my favorite exercises that I do after attending a workshop is that I go home, look over my notes and I highlight all of the information that I can apply right away. I also assign a dollar amount of how much that information will make me in the next year if I start applying it and I write it down right on the page.

Within 24 hours of attending a seminar, make sure to apply at least one thing that you’ve learned. When you do that, not only are you applying what you are growing and getting more value from the seminar, you are also building momentum and building a habit. If you apply one thing from your notes and it benefits you, you are more likely to return to the notes and see what else you can apply and continue the process. When you start to actually apply multiple things that you learn from a seminar or workshop, you’ll get more value from the whole experience.

What Can You Teach?

Sometimes you might be building your brand like me. When I listen to a podcast, read a book or go to a workshop, not only do I take note of what I can apply, I also take note of what I can teach.

This may not apply to you but if you blog, make videos or podcast, this could be a great source of content for you.

Ray Higdon made this type of teaching popular by calling it, ILT.
Invest some time or money.
Learn some new information.
Teach it to build your brand and crediblity.

Often the many things that you decide to apply during your learning are also great to teach as well.

Make sure to give the source credit. Don’t claim this material as your own. When I’m making a video you’ll often hear me quote the person, or book where I got the information or tell you where I got the information from. Saying where you got the information will often make you look more credible.

Now you have 2 things to keep in mind next time you learn.

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