Barriers To Success: Stop Doing This Or Fail Forever

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The Biggest Barrier To Success

It seems that only a very few attain success.
When I say success, I mean:
1. Making more money,
2. Being in optimal health and
3. Having a successful relationship with their soulmate and family.

It seems that when we talk about success, those are the 3 things that come up the most.

There is a fundamental reason why MOST people are not successful and it all stems from equating self worth with having success. This type of thinking will lead into a vicious circle.

Let me explain:
If someone equates their self worth with their networth and they have a negative bank account then they won’t feel worthy of success. They’ll think, “Once I have enough money, then I’ll feel like I deserve it.” So they work hard trying to make more money. But since they don’t feel worthy of success, they’ll (unknowingly) sabotage their actions. They will either procrastinate or they will not really try. This will lead to failure and they won’t make more money. Since they failed in making more money, it will reinforce their feelings of unworthiness. When they try to make more money in their next venture, since they don’t feel worthy they’ll (unknowingly) self sabotage themselves and the cycle repeats itself.

Success tipThis cycle doesn’t only apply to money, it can apply to any area in your life that you measure success: being healthy, finding a soulmate or having great relationships with friends and family.

So how do we stop the vicious cycle?
Stopping this cycle is something that everyone must do otherwise they are doomed to fail. Even if they work hard and join a booming business, learn new techniques to lose weight or read books about dating they’ll still end up failing.

The moment you break this cycle, the path to success because easier.  Not easy but easier.  Things start to “click” for you.  The Universe starts working with you and it almost feels like cheating.

I explain how to break this cycle in this video.

Was that helpful? What did you think of my Donald Trump example? I would love to hear your opinions in the comments below.

Create A Great Day!

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Get this free audio mp3 and learn 6 Law of Attraction Life Hacks that will allow you to implement the Law of Attraction everyday in an effortless way.

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