The Biggest Scam In Network Marketing


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The Biggest Scam In Network Marketing

Let’s face it. People think that our profession is a scam.
It has a big stigma to it.

I remember one of my friends used an MLM product to lose weight. He was so proud of how he looked. When his friends asked about it, he told them about the product and they said,

“Wow, I want to try it. Wait a second… is it MLM? Because if it is, never mind.”

It shouldn’t matter if a product is from an MLM company, especially if they only want to be a customer. What SHOULD matter is whether the product works or not. Many consumers think that if a product is from an MLM company then it either doesn’t work or it’s over priced.

They just associate Network Marketing with the word scam. It’s unfortunate but it’s true.

What can we do?
All hope is not lost. We can all work together to act professionally and make our industry get recognized as a profession. There are many things that we need to do. Among them is avoid the biggest scam in network marketing.

What is the biggest scam in network marketing?
Is it that our products are over priced and don’t work?

Most network marketing products are very high quality. They have to be because they are often scrutinized the most. The naysayers out there are looking for something wrong with our products so we must have high quality products so they have nothing to complain about.

Is it that there is one guy at the top making all the money while everyone at the bottom doesn’t?

The common misconception about network marketing is that you have to get in first and those that come later will always make less money. That simply isn’t the case. There are thousands of examples of people out performing their sponsors or their uplines and end up making more money than them.

The biggest scam in network marketing is something that runs rampant in our profession and it needs to stop. I explain what it is in the video below.

How many times have you seen someone commit the biggest scam in network marketing? I’ve been guilty of it in the past but when I stopped doing it, I’ve noticed that I started to make more money and attract more leaders.

Create A Great Day!

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