The Costanza Method (Yes… From Seinfeld)

George_CostanzaCreating Urgency is important in Network Marketing.
If you don`t create urgency, then your prospect may cool off and change their mind.
They could lose out on really making a change they want in their life?

Why would your prospect need more time to decide?
Maybe they want to talk to their spouse.
Maybe they are just analytical and need to mull things over for a while.
At any rate, if you they can’t make a decision during your current meeting, it’s important to build urgency for when the next meeting is.

One method that I have used is called the Costanza Method.
Yes George Costanza.
Here is how he uses it.
When he goes on a first date with a girl and he wants to make sure there is a second date, he leaves something in her car or her apartment. It could be a sweater, his jacket any thing really.
He now has an “excuse” to meet up and have a second date.

Now, you can do something similar with a prospect.
If they can’t decide and they want to connect later on, offer them a piece of marketing that you need to have back.
It could be a CD, DVD, a book, magazine.
Tell them, “These are pretty popular and in short supply, I have someone else to I want to show this to, so let’s connect again tomorrow.”

This shows the prospect a couple of different things:
1. It’s easy to do. They might think, “a lot of the selling is done for me with this cd.”
2. You are busy and you are talking to other people. They better act fast because other are interested as well.
3. This must be pretty important information for me to look at if this is so popular that it is in short supply.

This gives you an excuse to set a followup that is sooner than later.
And also gives you an excuse to call them so that you can get your marketing piece back.

So it’s simple,

If your prospect can’t decide, give them a marketing piece like a CD or magazine and tell them, “These are pretty popular and in short supply. I have someone else that wants to have a look at that so let’s connect tomorrow so I can get that back.”

Strike while the iron is hot, don’t let your prospects cool off.  Make your follow up appointments set for the next 24 to 48 hours instead of next week.

Create a great day!

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P. S.
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What’s the 90 in 90?

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