The Curse of Convincing: Why You Don’t Want Everyone To Join Your Team

Many network marketers want to recruit anybody and everybody.
They think that if they know how to over come all objections then they will be able to recruit more people.

It can be a curse to convince someone to join your team.
Even those that aren’t a good fit.
But everyone needs to be in network marketing right?
While everyone might need it, not everyone wants it.

What I really mean is not everyone wants it bad enough to work for it and you only want the people that are hungry enough to work.

If you convince someone to join that doesn’t want to work and grow a business, they will fail.

You may make a small commission but you’ve wasted your time, time you could have spent recruiting someone who would have worked hard to grow their business and yours.

And if was a friend that you’ve convinced to join, you convinced them to waste their money and their time as well. You’ve probably put a strain on your relationship as well.

overcoming-network-marketing-objectionsWas it worth it?
Wouldn’t you rather have someone on your team that is motivated and inspired rather than someone who is whiny?

If they put up an objection, find out if it’s a brush off or if they really want to do the business. If they really want to do the business then by all means, overcome the objection. Overcome all of there objections.

Instead of convincing people to join, qualify them instead.

How do you qualify them?
Instead of using hype and saying something like, “This is ground floor with a break through product and you’ll be awesome at this..”

Say something like this instead, “It’s not for everyone, it’s only for those that are hungry enough to work and coachable enough to follow a system. Is that you?”
Powerful isn’t it?

Qualifying is so much more fun than convincing and it’s much more productive as well.

Who has time to argue with someone that doesn’t want to join your team and if they do join, they’ll end up quitting anyway? If you have to convince them to join, you’ll have to convince them to work.

Powerful stuff isn’t it?  I trust that you got value from this, your feed back is important so  let me know your thoughts and comment below.  Use this to turn the tables around and qualify your prospects instead of convincing them.

Create a great day!

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P. S.
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What’s the 90 in 90?

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