The Easy Way To Finally Tackling That Passion Project That You Have Been Procrastinating

Passion Project
Are you like me and have some passion projects that you are excited about but you either haven’t started them or maybe you have started but the projects are still unfinished?

Some people call these projects, passion projects and they are things that we want to complete so that they will make us happy or simply give us a sense of accomplishment.

Some of these passion projects might include:

– writing a book.
– learning how to play an instrument.
-? learning how to dance.
– learning a new language.
-? starting to exercise. Like tuning or yoga.
-? start reading

What passion projects have you left on the back burner and procrastinated simply because you don’t have the time to do them?

On Fridays, I usually do a book review, however today, I’m going to explore a concept that is covered in 2 great books: The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy and The Slight Edge by Jeff Olsen.

Both of these books advocate working towards your goals (at least for a very little bit) everyday.

No Time
Many people say that they simply don’t have enough time to pursue their goals so they just don’t make them a priority. Often this will result in many dreams not being pursued and they never come to fruition.

What if?
What if I told you that you actually did have enough time to pursue your goals?

What if I told you that even with your current busy schedule, you could have already written a book or learned a new language or completed another passion project and that it’s not too late, you can still start today?

Do you have 5 minutes?

Most people say they don’t have the time. They say they don’t have time because they they don’t realize how much time they really need to accomplish their dreams.

Could you find just 5 minutes each day in your busy schedule if it meant that you could finally get your passion project completed?

You might think, “What good would 5 minutes a day do?”

It doesn’t seem like a lot but 5 minutes repeated everyday can make a huge difference. If you wanted to write a book and you spent only 5 minutes a day for only 6 days a week, (Why only 6? I dunno, it’s better for the math and maybe you want to take a day off) you would be working 30 minutes a week on your book. (That’s probably 30 minutes more than you spent writing a book for ALL of last year!) That adds up to 2 hours a month. Which equals 24 hours a year.

How much progress could you make on your passion project if you spent 24 hours on it?

You’ll Cheat
There’s a big chance that you won’t be able to stick to a 5 minute a day schedule. Once you start building some momentum, you’ll “cheat.” Instead of working only 5 minutes a day, you’ll start to really enjoy it and spend more time doing it. It will replace some of the other activities that you did to unwind (like watching TV or playing video games). You’ll find that you have more time than you thought to pursue your passion project and it’s simply because you took a little bit of time to get started.

Success feeds passion more than passion feeds success. ~Scott Adams creator of Dilbert

All it takes is the commitment of working on your next passion project for only 5 minutes a day and you can finally get it completed. The question is how bad do you want it?

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