The Easy Way To Get An Appointment In MLM

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The easiest part of network marketing is doing a presentation, answering questions and collecting a decision.

The hard part is getting people to the appointment.

If up line leaders were focused more on training on inviting and less on presenting, then there would be a lot more success in this profession.

Whether the first exposure to your business is a video, a one on one appointment, a group presentation, a webinar or anything else, you (and your team) need to learn how to sell the appointment without selling the product, service or business. If they can get more eyeballs on the presentation, they are will have more sales on sign ups.

How To Sell The Appointment

When, I first got started in network Marketing, I was part of a real estate investment education company called Nouveau Riche. It is no longer in business. What we quickly realized is that if we used the name of our company or we used the word real estate then we would have less of a chance of booking the appointment.

If I spoke about the merits of real estate investing, then the prospect would have all types of objections. The conversation would switch from the appointment to real estate investing. In order for the prospect to agree to an appointment, they would have to practically agree that real estate is a good investment vehicle.

If you want to book more appointments you should leave all of the objection handling as part of the presentation not part of the invitation.

If you get objections then continue to sell the value of the appointment. When the prospect objects to an appointment, the objection is usually a buying objection. At the point an unexperienced network marketer will try to overcome the buying objections when, in fact, the prospect should not even be thinking of buying at this point.

Be the messenger not the message.

Here is an example:

Prospect: Like I said, I am really can’t afford any of your weight loss shakes.

Amateur Network Marketer: Oh, I understand how you feel, Mr. Prospect. Our shakes are extremely high quality, they were formulated by a team of NASA scientists and approved by Dr. So-and-so who just won a Nobel prize and teaches at (prestigious) University… blah, blah, blah, blah.

When the (amateur) network marketer tries to sell a product, service or business, just to able to set the appointment, the prospect has to virtually agree to buy.

Instead, just sell the appointment, like this:

Prospect: Like I said, I am really can’t afford any of your weight loss shakes.

Professional Network Marketer: “Mr. Prospect, please don’t misunderstand me. I’m not asking you to buy the weight loss shakes or anything else right now. No. What I am saying is that, in a short 30-minute meeting, I’ll show you some techniques that can assist you with your weight loss goals today. Mr. Prospect, the important information I’ll share with you over a cup of coffee will save you months of frustration and give you better results with your health whether we do business together or not. Would Tuesday be good to sit down for a few minutes, or would Friday be a little better for you?”

Whatever you use for your first exposure (whether it’s a webinar, video or a live presentation), there is (or at least there should be) some value for the prospect even if they don’t buy or join. That’s what you should be selling when you are trying to book an appointment.

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